Ship Reboot

The Defense guild has a Stormglory Tempest airship and sitting at level 71-72 atm. Last week I would have told you that I was very happy with our layout Tobril and I had many a talks about how to best layout everything, but mostly he let me do, as I wanted.

At the time I based the layout of our airship on buff effect at the time. But with the reboot/s of the airships I wonder if going the same route is still the way to go for us. Now this post is my thinking out loud, not really a chance for you to dictate how my boat is laid out. As I tell the people that bitch at my layout when they beg for an invite. When you start buying my ship buffs and earning renown for my guild you can offer up comments.

Anyway The Fat Halfling the unofficial name for my boat has 4 large slots, 11 small slots and 9 people slots. And I am trying to do this from memory so I might make an error or 3 but I think there are 4 small 2 large and 4 crew slots on the top deck. That means there are 7 smalls 2 large and 5 below deck. There are two rooms below deck one that is just a small and one that has a crew and a small hook point.

Normally we do the four main resistance buffs the Deneith Defender, Phiarlan Entertainer, Kobold Shaman and Artleblart up top. Oh and the biggest xp shrine that we can afford with plat and most the time a stone of change.

Below I took and the Kundarak Battlemaster dummy and the banker and stuck them in range of the inn the Int shrine hangs out her too. Put the dps buffs (Str shrine/Hobgoblin) behind door A and the con shrine behind door B, and finally the Healer and the other defensive buffs (dex/wis) on the way out. Sometimes we keep a large guild chest running and if someone needs them a large slot for the shroud alters but they are not constant fixtures for us. Oh and the plans caller is in that one hard to get to crew slot, because you need to want to get to him.. Or at least that is my thought.

This works really well for buffing up. But is not ideal for banking and doing down time work. Like selling or clearing the shared bank.

So I am thinking about moving the “bar area and its important bits” upstairs. Thing is what I think of as bar stuff is: the inn, the bank, dummy, dps stuff needs to be close, the Battle master (bonus to haggle) and sometimes the healer to buff amp so vamp weapons work a little faster when “healing” off the dummy.

But there is just not enough slots up stairs for all that. So either we move something that should be a bar buff below decks or keep things the same.

What do you think? I don’t promise I will do what you think, but I will think about it.