2 Trolls & a Brew ep 140 “So Monthly?”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew, “So Monthly?” subtitle “Hopefully Not”

Or watch the Raw show on YouTube.


I want to remind everyone that we tape live on Youtube then sometime later when Samius has the will power he downloads the video, converters it to audio and cleans it up as best as he can, then finally after an unknown amount of time to not write anything funny he posts it to podcast garden then finally to the other sites. So hint, if you want the show in a timely manner you should sub over at www.youtube.com/samiusgurobo

Decks this episode are:


They both have been playing surprisingly well. But take a hit sometimes due to mana issues. You should look at your mana base for these decks.

This week’s Troll hottie comes from Stargate: SG1, Amanda Tapping. When you have the brain fire at 4am, one turns to old shows that are familiar enough as not to require any mental energy to keep up with but not so familiar so to distract from said brain fire. For me this month it has been SG1.

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Fairly sure this is how the battle of Farsape vs SG1 plays out in my heart.

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