2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 73 “Fresh from Testing”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “Fresh from Testing” sub title “Gideon is Still Good

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Sorry time is limited this week all over the place and to that end i am rushing the show notes. The show was mostly Modern Masters 2017 spoilers as well as talking about our challenge decks this week. Oh and a really good email from Dave about judgecast and how it is a good tool for all magic players but doubly so for wannabe judges.

Dave’s emails is at the end of the Notes.




Troll On!

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All of you got the call wrong. You had a “looking at extra cards” error, which was separate from your hand. You gained knowledge of 7 cards, instead of 6. The resolution is to separate the known portion of the deck (bottom 5 from earlier Marvel activation)., then select a random card from the 7 you saw and shuffle that back into the unknown portion of the deck. You select one of the remaining 6 cards to cast and finish resolving your marvel activation.


Section 2.2 on page 9

2.2. Game Play Error — Looking at Extra Cards



A player takes an action that may have enabled them to see the faces of cards in a deck that they were not entitled to see.

This penalty is applied only once if one or more cards are seen in the same action or sequence of actions.


A. A player accidentally reveals (drops, flips over) a card while shuffling her opponent’s library.

B. A player pulls up an extra card while drawing from his library.

C. A player sees the bottom card of her deck when presenting it to her opponent for cutting/shuffling.

A player can accidentally look at extra cards easily and this infraction handles situations where a dexterity or rules error has led to a player seeing cards in a library that they shouldn’t have.

Cards are considered to be in a library until they touch cards in another set.

Once those cards have joined another set, the infraction is handled as a Hidden Card Error or Game Rule Violation.

Players should not use this penalty to get a “free shuffle” or to attempt to shuffle away cards they don’t want to draw; doing so may be Unsporting Conduct — Cheating. Players also are not allowed to use this penalty as a stalling mechanism. The library is already randomized, so shuffling in the revealed cards should not involve excessive effort.

Additional Remedy

Shuffle any previously unknown cards into the random portion of the deck, then put any known cards back in their correct locations.

Thanks for the help Dave!


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Bad Samius!

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