2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 70 “Tezzeret’s Scissors”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “Tezzeret’s Scissors” sub title “Pro Tour or Something

I don’t understand why we have some of these strange this week but they come and go so i hope for the most part they just go.

Or watch the raw show on YouTube!

On this weeks show we have a couple of decklists from listeners to run over. I mean down. Okay, run over… But we also talked about the ProTour and Remmie’s sick draft last FNM. We have a new game to sign off with, it is in early stages for sure. But could be sweet…

Culling the Weak.JPG

OG Culling the Weak Art

Oh and another Deck Builder Challenge was issued. Who can make the best Standard Tezzeret’s Scissors list by next show… I hope it is you.

All this and a funny moment or three, like how i am cheating people again. Damn it Sam! Read your own cards!



Troll On!

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Do i really have to read my Magic cards?


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