2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 41 “PreRelease Review”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “PreRelease Review” sub title “Pokemon is Apparently more Important than Magic

On this weeks show we look at Eldritch Moon in action. Blue-While fliers is a thing, so many common and uncommon fliers and mass pump effects in the format. Joe hits us again with another decklist. This one might be good… or it might be with all new cards…

Email Bag
4 x leaf gilder
4 x deathcap cultivator
3 x Nissa’s renewal
3 x from under the floorboards
2 x the gitrog monster
4 x ultimate price
3 x pulse of murasa
3 x call of the bloodline
2 x reclaim
3 x fork in the road
3 x traverse the ulvenwald
2 x oblivion sowers

4 x llanowar wastes
8 x swamps
12 x forest

side board

2 x reclaim
4 x grasp of darkness
4 x remorseless punishment
1 x from under the floorboards
1 x Nissa’s renewal
3 x Kalitas, traitor of ghet

Samius finds away to cheat at the prerelease and we play Mary/Bang/Kill with the Presidential Candidates. Google your options. All this and more on this weeks 2 Trolls and a Brew!

Troll On!

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I am sorry you opened Werewolf’s at the prerelease. Put the Ice cream Down.

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