2 Trolls & a Brew – ep – 26 “All the Tech Issues”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “All the Tech Issues” subtitle “No really it is Bad, Sorry”

Oh this episode of 2 Trolls; the trolls battle through the tech issues as best we can. But between Travis’s mic just stopping at times and the internet dropping we are lucky to have a show at all even if it sounds like there is a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Flop, Flop, Flop forEVER! Sorry again, Travis is getting a new headset today and we hope that fixes most of the issues.

This week’s show is mostly focused on the lessons learned at the Pre-release.  What cards where good for us? What were not? What commons and Uncommons pulled more then their weight? And what errors would we fix if we could do it all over again?



Travis thinks there is a colorless burn list in the new standard:

  • 4 herald of kozilek
  • 2 endbringer
  • 4 touch of the void
  • 4 reality hemorrhage
  • 4 consuming sinkhole
  • 4 molten nursery
  • 4 void snare
  • 4 spell shrivel
  • 3 horribly awry
  • 4 anticipate
  • 4 sea gate wreckage
  • 4 island
  • 4 shivan reed
  • 4 corrupted crossroads
  • 3 wandering fumaroil
  • 4 shrine of the…..ummmm make 2 colorless mana

It is not perfect by any means but it is a start for any FNM.
All this and more as we get into the changes hitting modern with the ban and more importantly the unban announcement, some talk about recovering from tilting out and we play a US history game of which you can take along with Travis and maybe you are more knowledgeable then the trolls.

I didn’t talk them up this week but i want to link Dan’s Go Fund Me page and the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund again this week as they are in need of your help and i know if it is right for you to give you will. Thanks for joining us and…

Troll On!

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One thought on “2 Trolls & a Brew – ep – 26 “All the Tech Issues”

  1. I want to thank everyone who has given to me or Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. Miracles have followed my family through our medical/financial crisis. Every week we are lifted up by someone. You might not believe in a loving God who walks before you through trials in life, but I have faith this is true. I have seen Him in our lives. Thank you and God bless.

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