2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 14 “I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts!”

It’s time again for another exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  “I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts!” subtitle “Ghosters never win.

On this week’s episode our heroes do a little brewing focused on abusing Zada, Hedron Grinder (Thanks Scott). Go over what we want to see in our Oath of the Gatewatch packs for the Pre-Release as well as what cards have our inner troll singing.

Spoiler one of us like “Pulse of Murasa (Mufasa)” a little more then the other. And of us doesn’t love “Warden of Geometries” as a first pick option… 

We look at a sweet one coming out of the top 8 of Grand Prix Oakland:

All this and another round of the flavor text game proving that we clearly know how to take Magic cards to the next level on this weeks 2 Trolls & a Brew.

Troll On!

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Travis’ Original Zada list 
Samius’ Revised Zada list


A face only a mother could love.

One thought on “2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 14 “I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts!”

  1. Samius. You went off on a tangent about how you relate to Tony Stark (This just in: Samius is a cocky, billionaire, genius irl who privatized world peace), then you made Travis’ case about by talking about the Injustice story line. (Seriously, that’s how I interpreted that. DC is amazing because the first thing they did was screw over the your least favorite character. Samius has confirmed, DC wins.) 😛 *giggles furiously and runs*

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