2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 8 “Naysayers”

On this exciting edition of Two Trolls & a Brew, “Naysayers”  we get into Travis’s latest brew: Junk Aristocrats.

Samius talks about this week’s Mtgo adventures: Why is the Ojutai Exemplars Challenge Deck continuing to rack up wins in heads up matches? Do i find the time for some 8 mans?

We run down the troll cards of the week, take a look at modern for the first time in a long time, specifically the Cheerios deck and whether or not we can glue in Molten Nursery into the deck for a little extra something something….  And our first level up your troll topic: “Triggers and letting your opponent forget theirs”

All that and inappropriate jokes and movies on this exciting episode of two trolls in a brew!

Troll on.

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