2 Trolls & a Brew – “Poor as Hell”

In this week’s podcast we discuss various topics, including the decks we ran at States. How well/bad they ran, different brews that we currently in the works, Troll card of the week and a list of different decks that are on our minds. Ending the show with the popular Card Name Game, this week’s theme “Halloween Decorations”.

This week’s title  “Poor as Hell” could have been “Distracted as Hell” looking at the finished pod, but that is normal for 2TaB. Please enjoy.

Waiting for iTunes for to approve the show, should be any time now. Should be. But here are the other important Social Stuff.

Social Stuff:
Email: 2trollsbrew @ Gmail.com
Twitter: @SamiusGurobo @TurtlePower319

Find us on Podcast Garden: Here

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