Abzan Ascendancy is Very Sexy!

Welcome back. Look i have a post up on a Monday, it is about to get cold people! Hell freezing over cold.

Joking aside, i have been working on different versions of more or less the same list for a few hours now. Trying to find the right balance of this card and/or that card for the deck i hope to use to win Gameday this weekend. Deck choice is still in the air. I could swap to red/black agro or my warrior deck on a whim. But i really like the idea of a combo like creature deck at the moment. Something that punishes the control lists in the meta and that i hope can get around the different agro decks with good blocks and a trip to value town.

Here are the lists as they stand at the moment.





Like i said they are just a few cards off. Grim Haruspex or Smothering Abimination for extra card draw? How many leaps vs Vamp Rites? Bone splinters or Collected Company and sacrifice dudes like merciless executioner?

I just don’t know for sure. I do know i want to explore this list this week big time.

You know that agro list is looking better and better.

You know i love to read your thoughts.


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