The Call that Never Came.

One of my favorite movies of all time, is EuroTrip. I watch it at least once a year and often more then that. It just is a thing.

One of my favorite podcasts is Papa’s Basement. I like talk radio and John is a funny guy for a Greek… Is that raciest? Nah. Hell are Greeks known for not being funny? He might be the only Greek i know other then the guy who made me a gyro like everyday i was in downtown Denver for a conference. Damn! I love me a good gyro…. Brb, lunch break!

And back. Anyway, he and his nerd friend Rich, started a new podcast the LSV Fanclub. This one is magic themed and practically licks LSV’s balls. And i think if Rich and John got the chance to take a man nibble they might if only for the story. But it is good and i think with some work it can be great.

Long story short, i have talked with John about being a guest on his show or on one of mine a few times but it is easy to promise but hard to follow through. Just ask my wife about favor repayments when sexy time rolls around.

But This weekend was the weekend. I would love to make this work. It could be great. They need a limited/standard guy, John loses co-hosts faster then then hot chicks in the middle east get stoned for showing too much ankle. So making some in roads seems like a no brainier if i want to widen my audience. He has a following that hasn’t yet come around to the glory that is my open hole. Ie my word maker, you sickos!

This weekend was it. I was hot of the Pre release here at the shop. I also happened to be fired up about some stuff that rocked the fun out of my weekend and a nice public venting is just what i needed. And then like that seen out of Eurotrip the girls never came.

There were some scheduling issues on their side and clearly we didn’t tape. Bummer, but it happens when one co-host lives in the same time zone or one over; let a lone 6. Rich is living in France at the moment. Guess he is into hairy chicks…. I don’t know.

I was hanging with my DDo peps blowing off steam, keeping an eye out in the event that their shit game together. Maybe next week.

Give it a shot if you are into magic or if you want to make sweet man love to LSV. They even say a little prayer to keep his beard full and lush. I like LSV a lot, he is one of my favorite pros hands down but a little prayer?

Fuck, why do i want to be on this show again? We all know that Conley Woods is where the real action is at! Oh god, i just downloaded Conley’s twitter photo to my desktop to use as the image for this post. Now my wife can mock me for being gay for Conley in new and exciting ways. Shout out Conley, one time in bed…


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