Magical Monday 5.18.2015

Welcome back, Once again it is time for another Magical Monday. This past weekend was a beating in the world of MtG.

First of all i was able to get sealed deck tournaments in the monthly Friday Night Magic rotation and last Friday was Sealed day and i missed it due to some BS at the other job. The whole ordeal was super disappointing. I thought i had an understanding with the boss about Fridays but i guess i will just have to stop going in altogether on Fridays sooner then i expected. I can’t do the things i need to do on Friday’s at the shop if i am working over at Old D until late. When i finally make it to the shop i learn that one of the pods didn’t even fire. That means that for the last 3 weeks we have had one of our events not fire. I wasn’t around to fire up the crowd or bolster the numbers. Not having events fire is a huge deal.

There was a little bit of good news on Friday however, we had a few new players to the shop. Even in it cost Remmie some packs. I guess the young man he was playing was not the most experienced PAPER MtG player. He is a Mtgo player however so things like going through the steps and timing his cards is controlled for him by the program. Also he was just slow over all. I sat with him for a game and helped with the steps and whatnot. Helping him put the match to 1 and 1 with about 5 minutes left on the clock. I asked another judge to watch the table so i could handle something up front and be impartial during the play. But as i got up Bilal, the person that brought and paid for Jeremy (think that is the right name), told him to concede if they went to time. Jeremy said okay and Bilal and i went up front. A few minutes later the other judge i asked to watch the table came up and reported 1-1-1. I asked what happened with that concession and was told that was how Remmie reported. Remmie ended up winning the rest of his rounds until he played the eventual winner but that draw was practically a loss for finial standings.

Saturday, was Graduation Day for my niece (Salutatorian btw) as well as the Store Vs Store at home vs the Wichita team.. When i arrived 2/3s of the Wichita team didn’t even show. To have something for those that made the trip we held a special Win a Box for a MM2 box at a heavily reduced price. The Wichita draft team wanted to draft, but a lot of my draft team bailed and i was left with some good drafters but not those that had signed up. So we were all on different plans. Seemed like the whole table was in black, i know i was due to opened bomb black rare and getting passed 3 or 4 great black rares then nothing. I was able to move into green which was fairly open and got a fairly solid deck out of the deal. But just had massive amounts of mana issues all day long, often ending on turn 10-13 not missing a land drop and lands in hand. It was just a beating. 0-4.

I was told after the games finished up that i punted real bad in my first match. My opponent, Nathan said I was up a game and was in the race game 2. I had a Return to the Earth and i used it to kill a Jeskai Runemark to knock Nathan’s creature out of the sky. I was informed that i could have killed his flier… He had a removal spell for my guy and was able to 7 me twice thanks to Artful Maneuver, as i drew lands. But i think he was confused. I remember his guy being a manifest from a Cloudform that he had battle shipped into a 5/x. I had to kill the Cloudform to have a shot at removing his guy. If i am right then i didn’t punt even if they play was not great. But even so i can’t help but feel bad.

Game 3, we were back and forth. He was down to his last guy 4/x and i attacked for game but he had a removal spell. I had one of the cards i had splashed red for in my hand and then drew my only other red spell with no red source to cast them. Had i drew any other spell or a mountain i would have won.

I did my best to be a good sport and take my lumps but i thought my 2 and 2 would be my worse record but i was wrong. Oh well, i still had fun and i guess i will just have to try and be more aggressive next time.


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