Magical Monday 11.10.2014

I am trying something new for today’s post, i gave myself 30 mins to put a fresh 60 together and to write a few words about it. And i don’t have a lot of time left to write so bare with me.

The List:

4 Magma Spray

4 Lighting Strike
4 Magma Jet

4 Stoke the Flames
4 Fated Conflagration

4 Hording Outburst
4 Goblinslide
4 Rabble Master

3 Purphoros
2 Lightning Volley

23 Mountains

Going wide is a real option again in constructed formats. Mass removal is at a low, people are pushing for 3 or 4 colors decks and battle ship (okay more of build the fleet) magic is making waves. Nothing prays on decks like that like going wide fast.

5 mins left.

I don’t know if this deck is good or not but i do know that sticking a Purphoros is huge when you can make 4 guys the next turn for 4 mana and one card. We are loaded for bear, even 4/5 bears with horns as we can shoot them down for 1rrr and scry to boot. Over all this is just another one of those decks that looks great on paper but might not have the control elements that really make it work but we could make some cuts add in some one mana hand disruption spells and a few ways to make hero’s fall down and we could have a spicy R/B list.

I don’t have time to get into it but it also seems tasty.

As always comments are welcome and i will see you next week.



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