Random is as Random Does

I have never stolen a dog. It seems like something that i should have done back when i was younger and drunker. Well that is not totally true i could be equally as drunk today as i was back when i was younger.

Speaking of younger, remember when the it seemed like the future was a long time away and full of promise? Right this minute besides writing this my life is a flux of terror, pain and the sinking feeling that i am letting everyone down. Does that make me normal?

Think it is this whole situation, with my job, part time *cough* so i can work on this other freelance programming project which could make me a ton of money and change my family in a super meaningful way. But if history has shown me a repeatable pattern it is that someone else profits of my hard work and i get the shaft.

Oh the other hand, Tobril keeps pushing me in to going out on my own and starting my own business. I have always had ideas that would make great products and or businesses. Not that i think that Tobril is secretly selling my ideas but a strangely large number of them seem to be crawling out of the wood work.

Think i have been talking about an online grocery/delivery service tied in with a reminder email based on things like average days between reorders of the same products and best use dates. Guess what Walmart is testing out? If you said that very logic then you can order yourself a cookie. About 3 years ago, when i first started looking at this whole aquaponics, i woke up and drew something very close to this:

Which is a fairly good deal by the way, just to learn the basics anyway grow yourself a few things and have a small fish or two. Link to PETCO

This is all about how i have ideas but i am often bad at the follow through. It always felt crazy and often like a massive waist of time, but the wife watches this show Shark Tank. And i catch it from time to time. It is full of people following through with their crazy ideas and making a go of them.

I should find the time to be more crazy.

How and the hell did i go from dog stealing to i have shitty follow through? See how my mind is working today…


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