Magical Monday 8.11.14

My son is a life gain junky. No really. He would rather gain some amount of life every turn then deal some of damage every turn. So with that i want to give him a way to gain life and maybe win once and a while.

This is what i came up with.

4 Soulmender

4 Nyx-Fleece Ram
4 Ajani’s Pridemate
4 Oreskos Sun Guide
4 Generator Servant

2 of Soul of Theros/Archangel of Thune

4 Soul Bonds
4 Return to the Ranks
4 Raise the Alarm

2 Lightning Volley
2 Purphoros

22 lands

Now i know what you are thinking…. WTF mate? Life gain is just bad, friends don’t let friend’s sons play life gain.

Well he is going to do it anyway, so maybe if i can get him to have “his life gain deck” he can stop drafting life gain so highly and maybe just maybe he will take the Cone of Flame over Congregate pick one pack one….

Everything costs 2 or less other then the 2 of Soul of Theros/Archangel of Thune and the other surprise finishers… Archangel is real nice and other than it is about to rotate out i think he would be very happy with it in this deck. But he is very weird about wanting to build for post rotation which is silly in my eyes as once the rotation hits there just might be a much better deck for him.

Purphoros is great in any deck that has lots of cheep men entering play. Just so happens if all these little dudes croak Return to the Ranks just picks them back up. Casting them from your hand or saving them with a Return to the Ranks triggers Soul Bonds which makes even more guys.

And i just wanted to try something insane like Lightning Volley.

Now we could tweak this a hair and cut the Oreskos Sun Guides which we normally like because we can just go nuts with them if they die we can just rebuy them. But if we do cut them we can add 2 lands and two Heliods…

All the value…

Generator Servants are both cheep men to play and a real kick in the nuts if you go t2 Soul Bond t3 Servant+tokan t4 Soul of Theros/Archangel of Thune.

Okay time to bounce.

Gencon is this week so i might or might not have something while i am out and or the Magic Monday might have to wait until Tuesday again..



Ps: More my style but along these same lines.

4 Hopeful Eidolon
4 Nyx-Fleece Ram
4 Underworld Coinsmith
4 Baleful Eidolon
2 Hero of Iroas
2 Gnawing Zombie
4 Pack Rat
4 Grim Guardian
2 of Soul of Theros/Archangel of Thune
4 Soul Bonds
4 Return to the Ranks

22 lands

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