Think everyone knows what one spell i would cast in “real live” if i could, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion. Winning! But what if i could cast a few other spells that more aligned with my real word needs? I don’t really need the power to kill with a word, but i can think of a few helpful PowerWerds i think we can all get behind.

PowerWerd: Flu, When you don’t want to kill someone but it would be great if they were just sick for a few days mostly to get them the hell out of your way.

PowerWerd: Diarrhea, see above but add in a little RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

PowerWerd: Tantrum, have you ever just been with someone that is right on the edge and you just want them to lose their shit? This one is for you.

PowerWerd: Chill, like above when you just need someone to take a second and chill the fuck out!

PowerWerd: Horny, Could also be called wet, aroused or lustful but thought if it was a werd of power horny would sum it up nicely.

PowerWerd: Cum, sometimes the greatest superpower is orgasm vision some times it is heat ray vision. We have powerword kill so we must have its counter part.

PowerWerd: STFU, possibility the greatest of all the powerwerds just a simple be quite.

Well that is all i got at the moment, there were some other runners up for my list like vomit, trip, bark, choke and ruffie. Yep totally willing to cast PowerWerd: Ruffie when the situation calls for it.

Well what did i miss?


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