What I am Watching

Today I had a bit of a topic block. Twitter had some good topic ideas but nothing I wanted to cover too much today as I want to get some up to date photos or wait for an upcoming event. Like I will talk about the chickens again when we move them to their coop for the first time or fishes when I start getting the aquaponics rolling. So today I cover an old stand by what I am watching.

Most long time readers know that I have a second computer screen that I use to stream Netflix and now HBO go… plus I get to go home for lunch as I live like 2 mins from work. So I do get to watch a little TV each day. Oh and the 30-40 mins before heading out to work in the morning… J  I bring that up as the kid was almost late to school today due to my watching Swamp People!

So Shows, Swamp People I have talked about it before. By far one of my favorite shows and an almost perfect pre work show as watching people fishing monsters can get the blood pumping.

MI-5 this is a little British show, guess I shouldn’t say that now as I just looked and it has been running since 2002 and looks like it is still running. I am into session 3 and I love it.  Doesn’t hurt that British chicks are hot…

Game of Thrones, think almost everyone is watching this one right now. The third session as just started and I would have waited and picked up the blueray like we did with S2 but the wife didn’t want to wait. Also she wanted to re-watch the first session as to follow the plot a little better.  I have to say with it playing there my DDo skills are really improving. I didn’t die or even pause when the nude scene/s started and was able to keep rocking xp even if my eyes were screaming!

As all ways we are watching the normal shows Storage Wars and American Restoration.

But there are two shows that have me totally hooked right now Counting Cars and Income Property.

Lets start with Counting Cars, http://www.history.com/shows/counting-cars. It is another History Reality Show in the same vain as Pawn Stars and American Restoration but about fixing up cars and other vehicles. Now I am a sucker for fix it shows. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I can’t fix my way out of a paper bag or maybe I just wish I had been interested in this kind of stuff when I was a kid and my father was trying to teach me some of these skills. But I was to far in my own world to be bothered to learn… I just don’t know. But I dig them!

Income Property, http://www.hgtv.com/income-property/show/index.html, has a similar feel as it is a fix it up show but has a different hook they are always trying to turn the property into a way to make money. In some cases to reduce payments, others to eliminate payments or in most cases to get positive income. It is really good watch.

I would love to have a few houses that Scott has redone so I am making enough money that I could afford to buy a car/bike from the Count and having my Urban Farm running well enough that my full time job could be blogging/podcasting and playing DDo that would be living the dream!


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