Random Thoughts

So lately I have been wondering about the next project. You know the one that is still in the edge of my brain just poking is head up long enough for me to go hmmm and then it is gone again… I have a few thoughts noting real clear but as always I like to share with you my thoughts at every level of my process so get ready for a real good look at my brains….

Tobril has been going on and on about the WF Arty build the Juggernaut. And while I really like it a lot I just don’t know if that is something I need once I have the main account arty built/leveled to epics. But I have been thinking that I could maybe TR one of those unloved clrs that I was thinking about making into a bowonk and making a dual weilding halflling version. How BA would it be to try to heal via the marks and a clr past life feat on a two fighting Halfling the dps would be so qute… Okay maybe not my best plan but still might be worth a char slot and a vet 2 test?

At the same time I have been watching the rogues that the HoDW have been bringing to the party on the weekends and I have been super impressed. Makes me want to give one of them a try… Maybe a Halfling two fighting using the marks/past life feats?

Okay maybe not…

I have another epic level clr that I don’t want to TR but I am not sure if I want to take the time to get him ready and able to heal in EEs. I have talked about healzyounot a few times he is more or less a healbot but I think I could find a feat for him to lose and pick up the mark of finding feats and with his simi high Chr I think he could be healbot/chest buffer… That could work with the feats granted for epic levels.

The other thing I have been debating is 2 more TRs on Samius for Druid lives turns out that a stacking +6 to all stats on your summons are good depending on what your summons are…

Well sorry I don’t have a more exciting post for you all today. I fully expect to have a few stories from game this weekend.

Speaking of weekend have a good one and see you on Monday. Also if you missed it, Lessah and I got a new Cocktail hour recorded and out yesterday. So if you haven’t heard it yet go do so.


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