Another Night

Started out on a high and went down hill slowly until I decided to go to bed. Lets run it down so there is something worth reading.

Samiusbot, lvl 10 arty, soloed a simi fast Spies in the House. I did have a death when an air elemental kicked me out into an electric charged floor and it took me too long to get back the save spot and had to get the dog to run me to a shrine…. But for a solo run it wasn’t too bad. I managed to have run pushing my skills on my mostly ungeared arty.

I wrapped up just about the time Tobril and the wife logged in for raids and we did a quick DQ. Thinking about it, Darth also took a death right at the end thanks to a group of blades that just sat on me and chained sawed me up.

Abbott was way smooth, the wife and I did goggles using the same room method, aka I moved my screen so she can see whats up via looking at my screen and I her screen. I managed to get a seal thanks to Dis having gotten a seal for every item he has from the Abbott. Dis is a one alt guy so he can have one of every item and then some and them all upgraded.

Then the “fun” started. Elite Enter the Kobold. Now I expect deaths in eEK or at least any time I am not 100% solo for eEK with like a huge caster/evasion guy. Like Samius’ last like I had no issues but he had like a 38-43 reflex score with his 2 rogue levels so those runs were fine. But as it happens part of the time Tobril forgot the pit trap and took a dive for a quick death. And then in the end fight l over pulled trash when the Kobold jumped down into the main area of the room and Java not having a ton of HPs 460ish or evasion started just taking massive fire damage even with my firestorms/fireshield spell running and I ate it hardcore and not long once I dropped Tobril fell when he got the love of the whole room. We recovered thanks to FinFangFoom hanging out at the lever.

Then starts a hard spam where no matter what I somehow had the love of the whole room and some times I could kill the Kobold and mostly won before taking a dive. Once we dropped all the bosses and then looting the chest I took enough fireballs to finish me off.

Think I died in every quest last night other then the Abbott and the DQ 6man…

But I got some where in the 110k+ range in less then 2 hours. I took before and after screen shots so I can give a solid number when I get home. But I will say I really started tilting and just couldn’t get out of the tailspin. But somehow kept having fun.

Anyway, need to get in a little more work so going to call it. Have a good Vday. Kiss your ladies or boys and rock some kinky sex and see you in game on Friday.

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