Time for Mindless Epic Xps

Now that I have my 5 epic levels I have been mindlessly grinding out xp for all the twists I want. My go to quests are:

Wizking, about 23 mins on eN for 36k base, 4 k for kill all guardians optional, three 7500ish genie guards and 2300 for looting the big chest. So about 65k a run for about 3k a min. At least 8 chests per run, more often then not 10 per run. Other big perk for me I really ❤ the quest, even when I am mindlessly farming it while watching a show on the other screen.

Snitch, I don’t have an XP break down of this one. It is just my switch it up quest. But right now as I am running loot gems I also am trying for chests per min as well as a good amount of xp. But again it is good fun.

Broken Blades, This is still like 10k a min but as I don’t love the quest I only really do it when Tobril wants to and I am not ransack on the chests.

Why do I bother will all this? Well I have a lot of twits on my want list and I need to both work my way to the destinies I want to twist from as well as earn the points to unlock them. So what is my master plan? I need 18 points to twist in the following 3/3/1

Piercing Spellcraft and Echoes of the Ancestors: Magister are both level 3 twists for 5 more spell pen. If you read yesterday’s post (if not look down) you know I feel like I am real close to where I need to be spell pen wise. 41/42 + 5 = 46/47 and after talking to Tobril he thinks most guys are around 50ish SP on eE so add a +3 pen item and I fail on 1s and 2s. So all I need will be to raise my level a hair via say the Arcane Augmentation 9 via something like Twilight or a epic Staff of Arcane Power.

That leaves me with 1 slot for a level 1 twist like Brace for impact to help with letting me use Yugo pots or Healing Spring for more passive healing.

I have to assume you all have twist plans, want to share them here?


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