Weekend Report 10/20-21 p1

This weekend was a very busy one, for me at least and I think I will be able to tap it for more then one post this week. As most of the time when there are a few days of bonus xps to be had I tend to try and take advantage and level as much as possible. So I have a few play stories and some a bit of a report has how this monk/pally build is working out. I still say this build should be dubbed the Catholic Priest… ☺

But I mostly want to talk about the time we got to spend with Grim and her lot.

Last week or the week before in one of my 3-5 topics too many thoughts at once posts I touched on my desire to expand the guild some, perhaps by a merge of sorts with another guild so we would already have a sub click formed that could play on there own as they wish.

One of my issues with adding new members one at a time is what I call puppy love. That person becomes almost glued to the person that recruited them. And that is often well and good but it tends to make them difficult to play with at times when person X is not around. Or you end up excluding them sometimes due to plans out side of the game or flagging/timers.

Then it hit me Grimorde is on Sarlona and it seems from reading her posts that she and her guild are good people. And my thinking is we might have a fair match between our two guilds, if not for a merge at least for weekend raiding and such.

With a few tells (okay, twitter Pms) back and forth and a skype chat; a window for getting to know each other became apparent, aka last weekend. A private channel was created as a sudo guild chat. Saturday xp happened but no Heros in mass logged on, we did have one join the channel but our levels didn’t line up. Later we learned that Grim was a little under the weather, but we were on for Sunday. Which worked out well as Torrance was out of town on Saturday anyway.

Sunday rolls around and Tor and I align for a WizKing. My alt project as fallen behind Samius and I was playing catch up while Tobril was offline. Also hoping to get Tor back in range of Samius and Tobril, we pulled a head some over the weekend. It just so happened our Heroes to log in and decided they could jump a little content and join us for a wizking.

The 5 or 6 of us get started and things are going well. A little quiet however, and I start chatting with the wife and end up slipping into just doing the quest mode. Next thing I know we are at a lever. Having just done 7 or 8 wizkings the day before on Samius I was on ¾ auto quest solo my side mode. Ask the wife to get topped off so I can hit the level. Saying that is most likely trapped. I have to say didn’t even think of the other people in the quest maybe being able to disarm the traps, pulled and died….

Egg all over my soul stone.

Oh well, odds are good on elite I will not be the last death and we move on. Just we get going again I start to get an ear full from the wife. “If you want to play with these people, slow down and play with them!” She was not pleased with me for a while after that.

Heeding her words I slowed down and started chatting, turns out that they have a vent service they use explaining the quiet. And the rest of the run goes fairly smooth. Thankfully someone else made and error and took a death so I wasn’t the only one. ☺ But it was real close to being solely my bad at a loss of that xp.

The kicker is had I not been with the wife I would have used my brain some and used my arty dog to get the lever and wouldn’t have had that death either…. Oh well.

Post wizking, we leveled to 20+s and switched to raids. Tobril had logged on by then and so had I think Grim’s “the Misses” so we were 7. So we did a little get to know you Eh Chrono. Very smooth run if very loot dry. And after reading Grim’s post this morning I guess we pleased the healer by not needed lots of healing. Say what you like about Samyus (my Tank) but I got that bitch to take as little damage while maintaining as much hate as I could with the least amount of work as possible. And he does well as a tank. Remember if I switch to the defender destiny I can heal myself in an Eh Chrono ☺

There is much talk about what is next… And we end up doing a Vod as not everyone is flagged for the rest of the raids. We now have the homework task of flagging those we want to take for those raids. Think my Alt account arty is about to get his flag on this week too.

Post Vod Grim and the Misses take off, while we swap around to EhDA… I use Java to “heal” the party but at one point some ends up saving me as my concentration slips and I am too slow on the heal button. Damn mass heal being just tooo slow even quicken some times.

Over all I think we all left for the night pleased with each other, but a little unsure of how to proceed. Think next weekend will be a little more telling, as we will be able to knock out some more raids and later that night I found some nice ice breaker questions to get the conversation rolling.

Wow that was really long, hope it was worth the read.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Report 10/20-21 p1

  1. Get a room.

    Also, I didn’t get a single heal during those runs. You need to hit the button harder on Java to keep up with my health.

  2. Was good to meet you (heard a fair bit before ;D ) and we had a good few runs 🙂 Thanks again to Torrence for the Omniscience ring!

    Have to agree you might have been a bit zergy to start, but then i’m the reverse, i must smash everything. Kinda hate repeating stuff (unless uberloot beckons) so always try to max out the xp on one run rather the get deja-vu!

    Look forward to next time!

    P.S. VON flagged tonight

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