Shatter Shot for the Week

Like I always do when I have a few topics in mind I want to cover and the choice is one longer topic changing post or a few super short posts I do the former.

Cannith Elemental Weapons:
I left off yesterday talking about looking at the Cannith challenge weapons for my dps guy while leveling. And I have to say I am super impressed with some of the challenge weapons for say an alt that has very little in the way of gear. The really cool thing about them is at their final tear the Heroic level weapons are craft able up to +3. Meaning if your willing to raise the level some you can make a great multi-tasker or if you want to you could lower the min level with a Masterful Craftmanship shard and no other enchantments.

Just a few standout 1-2 potential prefix shards: keen, Ghost Touch, Holy, Elemental Burst…
A few standout 1-2 potential suffix shards: Righteousness, Maiming, 10% Melee Alacrity

Lets look at some examples at level 12 t3:
Elemental Greataxe of Fire
+4, Flaming Burst, Brilliance, Metalline, Cold Resistance, Craftable (+3)
Elemental Khopesh of Water
+4, Icy Burst, Paralyzing, Crushing Wave, Fire Resistance, Craftable (+3)

Add Keen and Maiming…or holy and maiming or Ghost touch and Righteousness

You can get a fairly cool weapon with a little work. I mean add Righteousness Elemental Greataxe of Fire and you have a heroic version of the Epic Antique Greataxe. Dual weald Keen, Maiming, Icy Burst, Paralyzing, Crushing Wave Khopeshs are fairly good too. Or how about holy, maiming, Icy Burst, Paralyzing, Crushing Wave Khopeshs?

Seems good…

My new personal biggest hit:

I was in a pug (I know right?) getting the last 30k xp needed to cap out (so I was still level 18) on my currently wf barb first life guy doing the IQ boat quest. I used my shard of summon beholders once and a while and got one. While fending off one of the waves of attackers my beholder dominated a trash mob, I was mostly raged up ran out of pots a few nights back but I don’t want them taking up backpack space for my TR, cleave or great cleaved with my Maiming cleaver against a human and boon 550 points on the first number. There was a trail of other numbers, but that is my biggest first number yet. I hope to beat it yet this weekend before TRing now that I have the capstone and whatnot for more power!!!!

Well I went longer then I thought I would on those two topics and now that I have dealt with a work fire I forgotten the other topics I wanted to cover…


4 thoughts on “Shatter Shot for the Week

  1. I *think* they fixed the “add Masterful Craftsmanship and nothing else and lower the ML” bug… but I’m not positive. I saddens me that T3 makes it BtC, though, ’cause my ranger would love to pass his Screaming of PG Longbow of Earth to my barb…

    And that’s a rather nice bow, btw, with the Stone Prison proc and the acid mini-dot, and the Disintegration on the Epic T1… nothing like plinking at something, seeing it freeze in place, move on to the next, and have the first guy then die at the same time you disintegrate his buddy…

    I’ll need to look into getting that DAxe for my barb… I’ve resisted because, flaming, meh, THAT’S resisted by a lot of stuff… but Brilliance, add in screaming of PG, you’ve got a pretty nice all-around beater. And my bard curses that the khopesh isn’t a longsword…

  2. Thanks for the reply. Slightly disappointing, but still extends the useful lifetime of the weapon. The greataxe can be a poor man’s EAGA, as you say. I’m thinking perhaps even put an Aligned shard on it for maximum utility. Not top DPS but a nice way to trim that golf bag.

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