I got to Play, Well Kinda.

Last night I decided to push threw the visual pain of trying to play DDO using the on board video card and do something. At first I thought if I could just ransack the locked chest in Servants of the Overlord, looking for a Silver Slinger I would be okay on the whole use of my time for the night and take the edge off of not playing. But I saw Tobril farming xp and after a few runs at the chest I switched to my F2P pally.

This Pally is again mostly for my son, it was his first alt. But he doesn’t play all that much so he lingers until I feel like pulling him/it along and then he gains a few thousand xp and he is done playing or I am tired of having a piker around. Aka a great side project to have while my computer is having issues.

So Tobril is zerging nMissing.

With 2 or more people that know their job and invis clickies it is not a bad run. Normally for me, I am unlikely to lower my streak and end up running it on Elite and letting the setting eat the fun out of the quest, and I don’t want to even think about that quest again. Thankfully first life alt account guys streaks don’t matter so I was able to tag along.

I was assigned the task of getting the book in the school/church that one guarded by the 2 mind flayers. I would run, jump into the water climb out run in to the building, pull a lever run in grab the book try and get out. Most of the time I had to kill the mindflayers. Most of the time I would roll a 1 on a mindblast while trying to kill the flayers, hoping the timer ran out before I died. Just to be clear I did have my brain ate at least once, on the first run. But I think the following runs were fine.

While I did that Tobril would solo the rest of the quest, including the end fight. If I was lucky and fast I would get to help some at the end fight. But most of the time I arrived in time to loot a chest and DD.

Speaking of DD, you ever see someone cast a spell and vanish and then 3 or 4 sec later see the DD fade in? Just as an example for the kind of visual lag that I was dealing with.

One run I had a few mobs on me on the path to the end fight. Waiting for Tobril to finish up his part so he could kill everything and I could help with the end fight. And I was in real trouble, I was down to one lay on hands and just a few more 100 sp for cure spells left, and I was hoping Tobril was almost here when all the mobs but one died. Then a saw a fireball and the door open to the end fight and I looked around for Tobril. Checking the map he was already at the end fight. He ran past me/ saved me and I didn’t even see him.

But we had the run to 4-6 mins for 4-5k and it was a good run. Will have to add it to the list to suspend the streak (via gold seal hire/alt account) and then xp zerg it just to keep things time efficient.

But after days of little to no play last night was fun if gut wrenching.

The new computer is out for delivery so I hope to be a playing fool this afternoon and later tonight.

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