Working the AH

Some days I have really good luck with the AH and others not so much. I think I need to get in touch with my inner Scrooge McDuck and work the AH hard.

I remember my first “win” with the AH. I was level 5 or 6 on some alt. Back when I had been playing actively for a few months don’t even know if Samius was capped yet. Think the Level cap was like 12. Any way I pulled a +1 int tome and was all giddy. Didn’t know in a few years I would trade +1 tomes for crafting bits and be glad to have that as a viable option vs just selling them to the bar keep between quests.

Anyway having used my 1year bday cake as a +1 int tome I didn’t have a need for it but I knew I could sell it. Checking the AH there wasn’t any other +1 int tomes on AH so I listed it for 1millon gold + 30% for AH fees. Yes that was a ton of money to me back then. Think it was up for all of an hour before it was bought out. Told Tobril later what went down and there was quite a shitstorm from him about how lucky I was and how he never gets the good pulls. Looked at the AH a day or two later hunting a +1 tome of some sort and saw there was a ton of +1 int tomes listed on the AH want to say that 200k gold was the top of the scale with lots of 150k gold tomes. I totally hit the lull just right.

However last week I had a something similar happen. I pulled two +3 tomes in one night. Running to the AH (because I am soooooo broke) I checked out the current prices on +3s. There where lots of +3 Chr tomes around a millon plat so I wasn’t going to bother with that. But there wasn’t any Con tomes listed. Winner winner!

Looking at the pricing of the other tomes I listed it at a millon plat with a 1.5 buy out. Comes back to me in the mail a few days later. Hmmm. Guess the “rich, I want a tome right now” guy was out.

Guess if your on Sarlona and see this and want to buy a +3 Con or Chr tome shoot me a PM/mail/tweet or something other wise they are going back on the AH for a possible pay off someday.

2 thoughts on “Working the AH

  1. 🙂 I’ve only sold one tome on AH, and it was a +1 something. +1’s are usually 10 k plat, so that’s what I put as buy out. First time around it came back to me, but second someone bought it. 🙂 I was pretty happy about that.

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