Question from Phlor: Trinkets

This morning I have a letter sitting in my inbox from Phlor. It reads “I am thinking of Cannith crafting a trinket item for lower levels for my main when I TR next. Any suggestions?”

Oh boy, where to start….

For me the trinket slot is a heavily swap slot. And I have many different trinkets that get various amount of love as I level up. I will rattle of a few important ones at the end but lets look at the crafting a few.

I almost always start with a look at the following page, “Crafting Recipes by Gear” from EllisDee37

Looking at the trinket section of the page there are lots of good things that can go on a trinket. As always the suffix section is about 10x as good as the prefix section but there are some gems in the prefix section anyway.

So lets just throw some things together that I may have in my pack/s.

Nat Armor of battle skill
Nat Armor of dodge +1
Of dodge +2
Potency of Lore
Of True Seeing
Of Absorption Electrical

Just to name a few that I have around. If I were to say make one for a melee focused a simple “of Melee Alacrity” or “Nat Armor of dodge +1” are two of my favorites. Thankfully lots of the same bonuses you can add to a trinket can also go on Goggles and some on Bracers. So if your an AC build dodge +1 can go in one place dodge +2 on the other.

One last think about crafting trinkets, if you can buy the ones from the store. Sure you can use Shroud Shards of power as trinkets but they are BtC and the wipe when you TR. Where the store ones are BtA even after crafting. And they don’t wipe in the TR cache as if you need to leave them in the cache as they can go in the shared bank and can be held by an alt, saving you valuable space.

So lets hit some of the not craft able trinkets I carry around on most lives. There are some that I also carry if I am doing the caster thing. But these are more or less always used.

Bottle of Air
Phiarlan Pendant of Time

Greater Bold Trinket
Greater Stalwart Trinket
Some times I even dig out the other cove trinkets. But the two above I always have at hand….
Dark Blue Ioun Stone (upgraded- lives where I am the trapper)
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (upgraded)
Voice of the Master
Mummified Bat (there is something to be said about having a unique icon to click for as your free falling)
Bloodrage Symbiont
Pouch of Jerky
Head of Good Fortune
Shard of Xoriat
Shimmering Arrowhead

4 thoughts on “Question from Phlor: Trinkets

  1. The Cunning Trinket (even the Lesser) is excellent for ANY SP user – 50 stackable SP (100 for FvS or sorcs!). Slot it in, cast a few spells, switch it out. Even my ranger uses for “free” buffs at the start/after resting.

    My guys mostly stick to the Greater Bold or Greater Stalwart trinket, obviously switching to the Voice near the end (or during the entire quest, at times), and I have a Shard of Xoriat which I share amongst my characters ’cause i’ve only ever looted the one.

    I haven’t bothered attempting to craft any trinkets, ’cause I purely hate to give up the Bold (except on my FvS currently wearing the Chrono gloves, and my gimpy hagglebard who needs all the HP help she can get, who both switch out Cunning for Stalwart…)

  2. 🙂 I’m really lacking in trinkets. But Voice and Phiarlan Pendant are imo must haves (well my cleric didn’t need it, but used it a while in combo with the cloak for DM vision). My monk so far loves the greater stalwart trinket, and I have a cunning for my sorc and greater cunning for my cleric. 🙂 Otherwise I have too many Gem of Many Facets, and the wis+1 gem is also pretty useless (it doesn’t stack) 🙂

    I def have not found any trinkets to craft with, didn’t know you could buy them 🙂 But I probably wouldn’t 🙂

    • Craftable trinkets come from the store, as a store drop in chests, the ice games can give trinkets, or lastly the Shard of Power from prt one of the shroud/Devil Assault can be cleaned for crafting.

  3. The ice game trinkets are bound to character, which is too bad.

    And tier 3 blasting chimes are also craftable, for what it’s worth.

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