Harassment is according to my dictionary.com is the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly; persecution.

That is a kinda of random way for me to open a bonus post, right?

A few days ago (okay yesterday, This week is moving too damn slowly) in the post “What is the Deal?” I said I was about to report this guy for harassment. And my bud, Cauthey, just replied with a “Were his tells really that harassing?” And I would say yep, according to the definition as I read it.

Now I didn’t give a number of tells this guy sent me or a time span after I declined to trade for his reds. Because I stopped counting after 10 or so tells over 7-8 mins aka “ troubling repeatedly”. Where his tells mean? Not really. A little judgmental but that is fine. Whatever.

Is there a breaking point when polite tells becomes the definition of harassment? Yes and it is different from person to person. I like to think I have a bit of a thicker skin or I have to give some slack because I am that “Samius guy from those pod casts.”

Yes I do get tells about the show, and I love them. Just not every 5 mins from the same guy for a week. But if you want to send a “hey” tell every day as I log on it is cool. Just not every 5 mins, okay?

I am also lucky to have a sounding board normally right here, the wife. And when she says I would have had her report that guy and squelch him if those tells were to her, I know that I am in the wrong and a report is valid.

Now on the other hand I didn’t send my hey back the %&*@ off tell until I was already bothered and annoyed. But once I let him know he was bothering me he stopped. Which is the right thing. If he would have kept it up he would have gotten reported. I am glad I didn’t report him. But he was harassing me and if I did report him I would be okay with it. From the shear number of unwanted tells in that amount of time.

All I want from the seller when I offer a trade is a yes, no or a counter offer. I don’t need a lecture on what the seller thinks is the current market price and how I am a bad man trying to take food from his 14 kids and fat wife.

One thought on “Harassment?

  1. Unfortunately, without obscene language, Turbine will not do anything. All you can do, is ‘squelch’ the person.

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