Think I have Chosen: Ranger

Yesterday I laid out my wishy washy back and forth on what this life should count as. I have had many people inform me that I need to “do fighter” and mover on. And I want to thank you for the advice but I think you all are wrong.

Using my bowonk shell I go to the bow to make the room dead about 30% of the time in general questing. And I would say 80% of the time against final bosses once manyshot is available. At least for the first 20 secs. 🙂

+2 resists from ranger past life and +2 from monkey path equals a happy Samius. Sure with ship buffs they are mostly unnecessary but that time when you take 0 even though your friends are taking some roll over damage you will smile a little. You can lie to yourself but you can’t fool me.

Lastly, two more points of AC if I can work in the feat brings me to mid 60s at 12 and 70s at 14. I am assuming I can go more with my default DT rope (Amp, Amp, Rad guard) over my Jidz. Not to really mention I can do something else with my tinket slot. Maybe I can go back to my attack/dodge one?

I might go back on this and end up fighter, but really the main perk of fighter is I don’t need to burn any extra feats for maxim effect, but that is because the fighter active feat is shitty. My to hit is good enough that I can’t remember the last time I turned off power attack to have to hit. And that extra +1 to trip and stuns, I might not trip as well as I would like but I stun with the best of them. If I was going to stick a round at cap for a while and needed that stun DC higher for epics I would totally take fighter. But thinking about how the train rolls, I will be level 1 again the day TRing is back turned on or real shortly there after once the others coming along are ready to go.

So there it is all that and back to the class I wanted to do this life. Maybe I should have done that 11/9 ranger/monk. Oh well live and learn. :3

3 thoughts on “Think I have Chosen: Ranger

  1. I’m in the same boat. It’s either going to be Fighter or Ranger.
    Or Barbarian….
    Or Monk.
    Anyway +1 to tactical feats is great. Tripping stuff out of the gate is like having a paralyze attack at level 1. And I love Sunder. Love the sound it makes. It’s the sound of you wrecking the their world. It’s music.
    Tripping makes me happy. I think I have a special gland that secretes happy juice when I get a trip. And tripping an enemy that’s trying to rush your cleric? Happy juice gusher. Guaranteed to get their attention.
    Trip and Sunder. Free awesome.

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