Stumbling into Goodies

Werds guys and gals. Yes I spell it werds. Deal.

Any how, Werds. Hope your off to a good start to the year and I doubly hope you earned lots of xp and phat lootz from the bonus days. Think they end today as the Ice games return…. Speaking of I got some goodies to get icy bursted up. Mainly a bound to account lvl 2 +1 holy great axe, aka my new baby leveling toy.

In that last week or so I capped Samius, and TRed him again. Up to level 6 as of last night, with most of level 7 banked. Capped Samius Jr, after being declined from a hard hound run. ;( Guess his my.ddo looked bad as I sat in the queue for 5-7 mins before a decline. But I watched the lfm sit for another 10 mins waiting for divines and or bards. Tobril got in on his FvS and asked me to switch (3 divines and a bard all off timmer) , but I don’t take kindly to being declined with out a tell. Although I do like being declined vs waiting in the queue forever so I wont hold it against the raid leader. But I am not switching around to help him on that run. Unless a guildie would say call in a favor…

Any how back to the last week or so, flagged and booted Butterz and Jr for Tod. And got her ready for all the epics I think. Now that I think about it however; she might need to do the Sentential chain for those quick epics….Will have to check sometime.

Any how, I wanted to do the Carnival chain for 2 reasons. One: to ready them for epic runs. And two: get the base item for the Epic Batman Vest for her. Umm Epic Utility Vest? With it and other miscellaneous items she has collected over the years, she is a really good epic trapper for a 16/2/2 warchanter.

I told all that to tell this part of the story.

I ended up having to run the chain twice as I didn’t get the Utility Vest the first time around. But looking over the list I noticed a fairly solid BtA weapon in the list. I don’t remember the exact details but it was +1 something of righteousness level 0. But it was a less then helpful weapon type to me so I passed taking the rune arm I think.

Rerunning the chain my armor was in the list but so was a +1 icy heavy repeater of pure good, also level 0 BtA. So I don’t know about you but I am going to spam this end chain looking for the other base items as now that I have an Epic runner I like I am going to try to do some more Carnival epics. But with the ice games running a even better twink item wouldn’t suck. If an elemental touch (weapon) is good for elite level 1s. And an elemental touch/ icy – icy burst is super. How amazing would a elemental of PG with Icy burst be?

Feel free to complain about power creep but at those levels more damage is just fun times. It is not like the content is super hard…

All I am saying is read your lists very closely. There are some good things dropping. Don’t believe me? Take a close look at Samius’s My.ddo details. And Pm me with how uber some of his gear is. πŸ™‚ And i am jealous of some of the wife’s TR gear!


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