Double Barrel Wand Gun

So I am playing catch up everything I missed while on my mini vacation with the family in Oklahoma City. And one of the things that has fallen behind is my ddo blog. So I am going to shoot out a few quick posts. People seem to like it when I do the blast from the past pnp items that we used back in the day. So here is one of my favorites.

Back in the day I loved using wands. I still do in pnp. But not so much in ddo. But at lower levels they are great… (Stop getting side tracked!) Any way back in pnp staffs were a lot like super wands, normally designed around a theme. The Staff of Life is a fairly famous one. A charge the staff gave a heal, 5 charges let you rez dead. And then there are Rods. Rods did slightly stranger things, like the Rod of lordly might (which gave Chr bonuses and made lots of weapons) or the immovable rod (which was well… immovable).

So something I kinda got hung up on in my magic creation days was using other magic items as batteries for MY magic items.

My first real attempt at such a magic item was a lot like the the staff guns used in the Andromeda Tv show. It had a rod/mace mode, could turn in to a staff, and you could put a wand or two in it and fire off the wand with a button push vs the normal way the wand needed to be used. Ie, letting non magic users have access to junk wands….

Later I developed the Double Barrel Wand Gun. It took a cross bow stock and replaced the arrow/bow with two smaller rods that took wands. And using the trigger let you fire one wand at a time, or both. Once meta magic rods became the norm in our campaigns the holding rods some times got bumped up to burn up more charges but applied a metamagic magic feat to the wand.

At one point we even had a magic bazooka that we could shove some number of wands/staffs in to to fire off all the wands/staffs at the same time. To dump a massive amount of spell damage on a few targets.

Good times.

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