Crucible follow up.

Yesterday I was asked about soloing the Crucible. And I thought it was possible. And thought my way through how to do it. The way that came to me as the easiest was to use a hireling and a DD or two.

But thanks to all the great comments, I got a few videos and whatnots explaining that if your fast enough you can get past the doors as they are closing. So you can pull your own levers, hall ass, and make it. And some of the doors I didn’t have a problem with. Others I had to try many times, but I was able to make it sooner or later.

But the run through method doesn’t leave a lot of margin for error. At least not in my mind.

One of the things that you have to be able to do if your doing the run through method is make it through the doors. That last one, the one that is opened with the horn, closes real fast. I couldn’t make it with haste/invis alone. I watched Mr. Cow’s video and it looked like he was using a sprint boost most of the time. Maybe that little extra boost was what I needed…..
Watch the video, The Crucible part 1.avi by Ukenburger

So I used DD and a hireling and got it down to 30 mins on my second completion. I will admit I did try to make it through both times and failed and had to DD and go for the horn. Think if I didn’t try for the breakables, or tring for the run through and failing I think I could get to 20ish minutes.

The other nice thing about using a hireling was I was able to use it to try for the horn of Guessing. I was not 100% sure my wisdom was low enough to get the right answer. You need a 13 for the Clr Dilettante. So having someone that I wasn’t super worried about living helped when it came to opening dangerous doors. 🙂

You can also solo Pop in the same ways. Either run/tumble as you finishing pulling the levers. Or get a hireling and SET THEM TO PASSIVE ONLY to handle the lever jobs. In Madstone, Invis and lots of killing is your friend, also totally soloable. May have to see about finding a hireling that can defend a box in Tor with out leaving it….


4 thoughts on “Crucible follow up.

  1. Soloing Tor can be done with a hire, I did it many times on my level 20 Wizard on Khyber, using a cleric that I set to passive, ordered them to stay, and would use the hireling bar to tell them to heal themselves if things got bad. Inviso’d them too but that did not seem to help, but still managed to finish it.

  2. Is the Tor box fight just a timer? I thought all mobs on both sides have to be cleared to get the gatekeeper to rise….

  3. The Tor box fight is timered. Generally I just zap a hireling with invis and make em stand in the box. Occasionally it doesn’t work, but my success rate with that method i 9/10.

    Glad you managed to solo crucible. I’ve never done it on a toon that didn’t have a haste boost of some kind. I guess I should have mentioned that.

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