Suddenly near Done

Have you ever been playing a character and realize with a few simi quick pieces of gear it would be, at least for now, done?

Let me explain with Samius in the TR grinder when I have been called to help with the cove farming I have turned to another to help, As400. A.S. Is a Warforge wiz/rog 18/2 pale master. And while not as good as Samius was before starting this last batch of TR, A.S. is right up there.

We were coving on Friday, then after finishing up a set of runs the 3 of us decided to hit up the DQ raid. And I noticed it is A.S.’s first DQ. It is a quick run, two wizards and a FvS but we are caped and knocking out a quick normal so we can get back to the cove.

And Boom!

Torc. Now, while a Torc doesn’t complete a build by itself. It is one of the harder pieces to get and I would say it is a must before any caster build is complete.

So luck sack in to torc, complete. And back in to the cove.

Then I started to notice something. He is handling really well. Torc is procing, DoD is procing, damage is about right. The stars seamed to align.

Other then slotting some epic slots (mostly from the cove even), and bothering to run the shroud enough to make a few simple shroud items. I can’t think of an item he really needs. Oh a ToD ring, maybe a belt, tome never hurt…..

2 thoughts on “Suddenly near Done

  1. The three pieces I think would complete any caster, are the torc, a concordant opposition green steel item, and a TOD ring that is able to be turned into a +3 except stat item to make their DC’s higher. Maybe the Ear Dweller too…that little worm takes even my mediocre damage spells and puts them on par with a mediocre wizards damage out put.

    • The tricky one to keep in mind is the new Spy Glass.
      Spot +20, Search +20, Use Magic Device +3, True Seeing, Exceptional Intelligence +2, and a Green Augment Slot that makes a lot of Wiz/rog types hard.

      Or may be just me…..

      It is a good time to be a wizard. Now if I can get My Bunny slippers made I can die.

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