And There Was Much Debate

This last week/weekend was a bit of a challenge. The Gurobo’s have been passing around something making each other sick or we knock the illness down only for it to climb back up and try to take us down again. The wife is recovering the slowest but i think once she is mostly over it she will be done. I have more training this week Tues-Fri and it is currently -0.1 . Aka fuckin cold. I thought i was over all this shit last week then i spent the day training, 7+ hours out in the cold hardly moving as the main carrier had the heater blowing on him and jumping in and out of the LLV. Burrrrr.

So lets just say other then laying on the couch watching Stargate: Atlantis and wrapping up  Rescue Me; I have been rocking the xps on Butterz. I really like where she is right now, well except in the DPS area but I just need to deal with that as there is not a ton more i can due in that department other then a few hard to handle tweaks.

So time for another project. I am thinking Java.

For whatever reason he went from being super fun and almost unstoppable to not so much in a single TR, TO THE SAME BUILD. Tobril keeps trying to convince me that it has to be something to do with the enchantment changes but I just think that maybe the melee/caster hybrid dog is not going to work any longer. So it is time to pick a horse I guess and go with it. And i am thinking melee, that was Java’s original role so time to get back on it.

So to that end i swapped out of the skullsmasher that i was not proficient with without help and looked to my Raid box for help.  First of all i had an Toughness feat that i could swap if i wanted to pick up a proficiency. Sure i could have taken simple weapons and gone back to the Skullsmasher but i want to try something “more powerful” at least in a vacuum.

Tinah, looks good and there is the benefit of having one or two other long swords in my pack pocket, but it feels less strong combaired to some of the other weapons. Tobril is currently using a Celestia on his current life and while it seems powerful I would rather keep open the idea of a bard doing CC for EEs. Right now about the time i have everything hit with a song Tobril has run in hit his 18 cleave buttons and woken the whole area with the Sunburst effect. Balisarde, would do a ton of work. Java is mostly way under geared (like most of my alts) so it wouldn’t be a bad call. But the dps would be a joke. Mornh, isn’t bad at all, but I have stunning/seeker covered in the off hand. So then there was the dagger and the bastard sword. Both are good, Agony wouldn’t need a feat swap but is less good then Nightmare. Which is all upside other then that whole the only bastard sword i have is it thing.

Okay so debate; what one handed web weapon is the best for a melee dog?

Also keep warm thoughts in mind for KS this week. Damn it is like hell is freezing over.


The Sad Bard?

So the thing on Sarlona is that PDKs are sad kids…. at least the male PDKS…. My plan is to make my bard very bangable. What lady Horcs are very fit. 🙂 Hmmm Smexy.

Okay i digress.

I have been looking at the epic past life feats (I will admit that I hadn’t taken a hard look at them) and i have to say some of them are fairly tight. Skill Mastery stands out to me, if you want to cross class trapper you often need all the help you can get. Colors of the Queen seems good and one on the guildies is really enjoying it. But right now i just can’t decide if it is worth the points for me at the moment. Because if i am reading this right you need the epic heart to go from 28 to 0 then there is some Karma loss but the wiki doesn’t say how much. So i am not sure.

What are the requirements? IDK… Right now my melee sphere is like 4/4/3 i think and that is only because i wanted to twist in cocoon and renewal while leveling to 28. Speaking of i have a lesser epic xp tome rarely used xp pots and went from 21 to 28 mostly doing eE quests with some eHards and i have been 28 for a week now and i have less then 2500 of those new com thingies (taking them over all other loot 99.9999% of the time). Don’t you need like 4200? And wasn’t that number chosen by people doing eHards to the cap? Me thinks someones maths were bad. I get wanting to get people to buy them from the store but or to grind them out after they hit 28 but come on. Tobril right now is just planing to be able to use the in game turn-in like every third epic tr. That seems crazy.

I don’t know. Unless feed back rolls in that i just must do the epic TR i think i will just heroic in to my PDK build. Speaking of if you are on Salrona and have a +1 heart for trade let me know. Sure Grim i know you said you would take a look but might as well cast a large net you know. I could also use my +20 heart but i think i would like to save it just incase i really fuck something up.

Okay i am going to peace out.


Short and Hairy

I have been dancing around this idea for a while now but after reading Geoff’s article this morning i think now is the time to stand and stay this out loud. Dwarf’s are currently the master race. And if you want to have the idea low gear leveler i think you want a dwarf rouge/X build.

That feels good to say… Hope it was super controversial. It was in my mind…

I feel like i lead the curve on things like this and then jump ship right as it becomes main stream. So i half feel like there will be a huge up swing in the fat halfling characters. I remember reading a tag some were that said something like: Will play any class or race except dwarf and rangers, they are the easy buttons of DDo.

Now i dont know about the ranger thing, but i will say 6 or so ranger levels are fairly sweet. But i totally agree that the dwarf is the master race right now knocking the plastic helfs off their throne for the foreseeable future.

I currently have 4 actively being played dwarfs or fat halflings, Samius, Butterzotch, As400 and SamiusJr. And i have to say the racial line is amazing.

  • Massive amounts of Con and HP equals staying alive power, no brainer.
  • Iron Stomach is great, drink any pot and get lots of perks.
  • Bonuses to Tactics, if you are a tactics person you know how important these bonuses are.
  • The dragonmark gives SR, a forcefield and an earth grab attack… Okay so SR and forcefeild bitches!
  •  And Throw your weight around, WTF? Con give HP, Con is damage, Con is HPDPS? Yes please!

And you know that mountain line is not bad either, if you have the HP do you really need reflex saves? Just twist them in.

Also my quick 2 cents on what is the best single class to level up. Is the one that had the lowest score, yep for me it was the fighter. Namely when i was doing the tank on the cheep thing he mostly leveled to cap solo at the time. All he needed was the best AC i could muster for the least amount of work all the amp i could fit in after that and a Vamp Morningstar of PG (i think) with a guild slot… I felt unkillable most of the time on Samyus back then. His Ac was always solid so i didn’t take a lot of damage what i did take i was able to heal back with a cleave/great cleave and when it was time to fight the boss i would haste up and go as big dps as i could. 9/10 times i could get them before they got me. If i were to do it again yep he would be a dwarf… They are just too good not to play right now.


Day 9, Wow almost 2 Weeks.

Big day today, I have a few resumes to send out into those interwebs but only one or maybe two jobs i think i really want. But it is time to write those cover letters and finish updating my skills slash “Professional Experience”. I always find that finding the right level of spin to be hard; to much and you sound like you are spinning to little then you sound dumb. For example in the last 6 months i mapped out and planed roll out for my  former company’s LDAP structure; including a sweet conversion to a single user vs a shared user longing that would not only include the external users/sites but would absorb the internal personal as well. That last line was clearly too …. wordy. But that is what happened but it sounds like spin, at least it does to me.

And today’s chapter was about salaries… But i am ready to send out resumes. I haven’t worked in almost two weeks on anything besides myself and while that is a worth wild thing spending all day inside my head is weird. I like completing things. Chalk up another win for mister Skinner and his box.

Well i am going to take my wins where i can and i am going to do my homework get out these resumes and then maybe write something on how Dwarfs are now the master race in DDo…


9.1, Is negotiating on a price uncomfortable? Describe three things which i have negotiated on the purchase price.

Sometimes it unpleasant but i think it is just because we as a culture have shifted away from a barter system and more in to a list price world. That said i “trade and buy” magic cards all the time so i have that going for me I am going to count that as two. Once for dealing with a shop and once for dealing with other players. I have bought/sold a few cars over the years but most of the time it was the price is x and i moved the price just a little off x.

9.2, Have I negotiated my income in the past?

My last job i tried to move the price some but i ended up taking their original offer. Other then that i haven’t really negotiated my income and i would say that wasn’t super successful.

9.3, Do i know by changing companies that i am increase my income by 40-50% but that is unlikely to happen by “moving up” within the same company?

I do, but i also know that moving up is “safer” and i think i said it before i tend to be overly loyal only leaving a company in the past when they show me 0% chance at a future.

9.4, What are the guidelines for what is reasonable? What is fair? And is it reasonable to ask for more?

What is reasonable is relative to location and responsibilities. For example if Turbine was located here vs Boston i would be happy with a much smaller salary. Can i ask for more? Guess it depends, the book says yes. Once someone has decided to “pick you up” then they want you and there is little risk in trying to pick up options… aka salary or other perks. I know that as part of my job negotiation i plan to get GenCon off.

9.5, Read Matthew 20:1-15. How does this parable fit with what i have learned?

Wow that is a good one, I haven’t read that in a long time if ever… You will get what you agree to. If I agree to work for a dollar and then someone comes in after me and asks for and gets 2 dollars then i have no room to complain as i could have asked for 2 dollars before agreeing to the dollar.

9.6, What would i do if i tripled my current income? What could i offer that would merit that?

Assuming they mean my last income and not the now income… Triple would be fairly great. What could i offer??? I like to think that in the right place i would be worth that now. As for putting reasons as to why now…. I would need to think on that.


Well i got more writing to do and i need to use the pooper.

<3s and see you later.

Day 8, Mad Interview Skillz?

Today’s chapter was all about working on those interview skills. In fact in a later post, maybe today there are 20ish sample questions that we should have answers for almost with out thought. The author, Dan Miller, advises taking the time to write them out. Think i will for you all but not in this post. In this post i want to do the home work and then talk about some decisions i think i have made.


8.1, Can i describe my strongest areas of competence?

Sure, I am excellent at mapping out complex structures be that work flows or data models. I am also good at bug fixing, both on my own code and others. And i want to say i am not a shabby programmer, in my own write. Outside of technical skills I am a fast learner, can speak publicly, explain/teach on anything with a little get myself up to speed time and am a natural entertainer.


8.2, Does knowing that interview means “to see about each other” make asking questions in an interview more comfortable?

I am one of those people that is fairly comfortable during an interview until you ask me a knowledge question and then my mind blanks even when i was thinking about the answer like 2 secs before. I remember one day i was out on a solo VFR flight and some low clouds rolled in over the airport. I had planed to request a special VFR landing and was about to make the call when my flight instructor jumped on the comms and asked what i was going to do? I said was was planing to request that special VFR landing. He says “Good, how do you do that?” Total mind blank. I let him know i had it right before he asked but now i am drawing a blank. He replies just ask the tower for a special VFR when you request to land… I felt so dumb but that is how my brain works sometimes. I can talk about myself or things i have done but ask me a technical question while i am nervous and brain freeze.


8.3, Am i aware of any annoying “filler words” that i might use?

I know i write with the word ‘so’ a lot to move from part a to part b, but i don’t think i say it out loud a lot. This might be a good question for you guys, have you noticed me using filler words too much?


8.4, Is my level of enthusiasm “contagious”?

Unless i am having a rough day i would say normally i am fairly contagious. I am not 100% always on but most of the time when i am talking to someone my levels are quite good.


8.5, What are some unusual interview questions?

I don’t remember anyone asking me any weird questions, i know Tobril has had the whole why are man hole covers round question. Which the answer is so that they can not drop in to the hole. But i play dnd so thinking on my feet quickly when it comes to riddles and other “fun questions” is a well flexed muscle.


8.6, How can i be humble and godly and still show confidence?

Long story short i am the person god wants me to be and how can i be anything else other then confident that i am who i am because this is how he/she/it wants me to be?


8.7, Would i take a position even it i knew it was not a good fit for me?

I have in the past and i think i would again in the future depending on what made it not good for me.



Okay so that was the homework think this was another good chapter. But i want to get some clear plans in place for the day. First there are some things i want to get done around the house today. Then i want to start looking more into the surrounding area’s companies and see what is around that calls to me. I have had a few friends send me some openings that i might be interested in but most are quite a drive away or even a plane ride away and while i am all for exploring what is out there i need to look and see what is closer to home then not.

Also i took the first online test for the postal service and i must have passed or maybe taking the test was the real test, idk, but i got an email to take the follow up in person. I have that scheduled for Friday morning. The test center is a short car drive away about 90 mins on a major campus which i have only been once and really don’t know my way around so i will need some time to get that all in order and planed out so i can be on time and at the right location.. I wouldn’t bother because this position is not all that great, but i was told that there was a better position was about to open up and i would very much like to look into this next position.

The other thing i really want to spend sometime on today is getting things in place to start recording more pods. I know that i can’t really expect to make money on poding or blogging but i think i can make a few bucks and what time is better then now to knock out a few pods? That said i need to look into this twitch think also. Maybe it would be worth wild…. What do you think? Would you all watch me ddo?












Week 1 Unemployed, review/thoughts

This week has been a strange one, as you know i have been reading and working through this really great book 48 days Until the Work You Love, and i have been really debating on what i want to do and for whom. And a few really clear thoughts have come to me.

First i want to be in entertainment as my vocation. Not that i want to be an entertainer directly, although if i could make enough money podcasting or twitch streaming that wouldn’t be the worse thing ever.

Second, all these ideas for books have been popping into my head. All kinds of books from little kids books to very much not for little kids books. And i think i will be working on some of these ideas in the future regardless of where i get a steady paycheck.

Third, a cover letter keeps entering my mind, a very specific letter to the people at Turbine… Part of the 48 day process is to open up and be completely true to yourself and find the thing/place where you will be happy to get up go to work and that drive allows you to excel. I have joked about working at Turbine before and i have even applied for and got fairly high in the interview process. I can’t help but wonder if now is my time? I will try, i have nothing to lose and everything to gain so that is a no brainier.

In other areas, this week has been a good one migraine wise, makes me wonder if that office setup was a big trigger. I am not pain free, but i have only had one flare up over what i would call level 6 and that is a great week! I still haven’t slept much but i feel fine wonder if there is another crash in my future?

Okay, i need to take care of some things and i want to try and get some ddo time in today before heading to the shop for FNM see you all on Monday if not sooner.


Is Eldritch Knight going to be any good?

So for a while now i have been leveling as400 with no real plan other then to xp with Tobril while he is rocking on his completionest run. What has happened is we TR xp until level 3-4 real live happens i get back on and he is level 18… Tobril has a few stones of xp to help with his quest, btw.. So i slowly grind the rest of the way up catching Tobril from time to time but more or less i got nothing.

A plan would help a lot if i had one. To that end i have been looking at the Eldritch Knight and hoping for a plan.

Now i love me some melee wizards. Think i might have made my name on the them in fact and i am hoping that they will be returning to a place of play ability. That said i don’t think you can do eE content as a melee Wiz and i am not sure that this PRE will help but eH? Maybe.

Stay with me but i have a hard time reading the PRE break down out of game but i am going to try…

Looks like the core enchantments are fine, not amazing and not so good that i have to take 20 levels in wizard so that is good. A small amount of double strike and 3d4 to 4d4 of an element based on a toggle? One more d4 is not so important that i have to take 18 levels even so that is good. 17/2/1 or 16/2/2..  The main question for my EK build is do i want PwK or can i live with out?

So what do i see a melee wiz looking like now? How about a dwarf 17wiz/2rog/1fighter or a 16/wiz/2rog/2pally going dual Daxes and heavy armor? Stacking up as many layers of defenses as possible while maxing out the melee potential and later in those eE quests shifting into more of the MM caster with the option to melee once a real melee has the agro.

So as i level 400 up i will be waiting and gathering gear to go this way using the +20 heart turbine gave us to “fix” our builds due to the enchantment revamp.


Okay think i might need to xp while i am simi-motivated only 12 levels to go to catch up with Tobril…


Day 3, Chapt 3 (Realizations)

Today has been particularly moving one, first of all i watched the best documentary ever, Unhung Hero. Really go and check it out. Totally worth the watch. Second of all today’s chapter hit me right where i am at the moment.

So lets jump to the home work, lots of good questions today:

3.1, It is realistic to expect a job to provide more then just a paycheck?

Using the definition of job in this chapter (and i think it is a good one) i want to say not really but after some thought and writing the rest of this explanation maybe?  In this chapter a job is defined as a task you do for money. Or that is at least how i took it. Because it will be needed below a Career is a work path, a track to follow… Think that makes sense. And a Vocation is an the overarching  big picture thing.  This is a made up example but say; I want to be an entertainer (vocation), I am a programmer (career), and i work for Turbine as a dev (job).  Now by working at Turbine in this example fulfill the top level (vocation) need but if i replaced the Job with i mop the floors at Turbine am i still fulfilling my vocation needs? Maybe?

3.2, Have you had a sense of calling in your life? How did you “hear” that calling” ?

Yes, I think, maybe? So decisive today. I want to say i was called to write this blog, back when it was at my.ddo. I just needed to. I have had days (well nights really) where this story just flows into my head and i feel like i should let it out. But i haven’t done much about that but i am about to!

3.3, Does God call only a few people?

No, i think he/she/it calls us all it is the matter of do we “hear.” I had a line right here about not wanting to be too preachy but you know what fuck it! Maybe i need to be a little more faith on my sleeve…

3.4, Is it reasonable to expect our work to be part of the fulfillment of our calling?

I want to think so. I remember talking to Karla one day, she was my boss’ boss. And she said one the most profound things i think i have ever heard. She said,  There are more people in the world out there that are unhappy in there jobs then those that are and life is too short. Find a way to get happy here or find someplace where you are happy. But know that most of us don’t have that luxury because we have kids and bills. And before that i would have thought she was one of the people that was living her dream. Maybe i should have moved that to the 3.2 also?

3.5, Do you currently have a job, career, or vocation?

I am going to pretend that this is last week and say i have a job. I liked many aspects of it and it might have been a career of sorts and fulfilled many of my needs but it was not “my vocation.”

3.6, What does “success” mean for you this year?

I think it will be finding my path and it would be wonderful if i could find a job that hits all my needs.

3.7, Are you where you thought you would be at the stage of life?

Idk… I think we are what our parents made us, sure there are some desires and talents to take into account, but i remember watching my father go to his job everyday and be miserable. His life was boiled down to keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly. And it was hard for him.  So for awhile now when i was unhappy in my job i choked things down for my son. So in that regard yes i was exactly where i thought i would be.

I need to kiss my wife. She is really taking care of things and has been for a long time. She needs a little more love for that….

3.8, Do you go home at night with a sense of meaning/purpose/accomplishment?

There were days. Like when i got a new assignment or just completed one. But on a daily level? Not so much. I know there are people out there that have that feeling everyday and i will be one too.

3.9, If i want different results next year, what will you do to change in what you are doing?

Well i am busted out of my rut already so that is good. I am also going to take some of these ideas i have float into my head and get them out. Once i finish here i am going to start lunch and a load of laundry and then i will be back at my desk working on that book. I might even start getting up when the inspiration hits me and write.  Also i will keep reading and looking at my other goals, I think i do want to help create ddo maybe other some other place where i can check that box on my life that says entertainer/storyteller…

Day 2 Chapt 2

So for the first time since Friday I slept for more then 3-4 hours. I don’t remember dreaming about working, catching myself dreaming about working and then wakening up because I don’t need to me working in my sleep anymore. And yet some how i am still exhausted… Man this is just weird. So long in my go to work, come home, die repeat rut; things are strange not doing that.

Okay read today’s chapter, good stuff. Time to get sappy with 6 or so questions and answers.

2.1, Respond to “All progress requires change, but not all change is progress.”

Sounds fairly right. It would be hard to move forward if you are always standing still, but it is also hard to move forward if you are doing the chicken dance.

2.2, Describe your career path in one statement.
For some reason i keep wanting to make this one word replies, so i am going to just list those thoughts: Halted, Varied, Unforeseen.

I am not sure what that means? Am i still in a morning stage?

2.3, How has company change affected you? How did i feel about said change?
We hired Jordan, a fellow php dev, and he was a great help. I felt a lot of relief that there wasn’t as much on my shoulders alone. But at the same time i felt that there was a challenge to keep up with the new guy bringing new tools and new ideas. I think he helped bust me out of my work rut and motivated me to work beyond my go to tool set.

2.4, Have i had any failure in my career? What did said failure lead to?

I have to say i feel like this is a fail right now. In the words of a friend of a friend “the company got me, i didn’t get the company” meaning i was asked to leave not left them wanting more. I knew that my boss was looking for the right excuse or the last one to push things over the top. I could have/should have beaten him to the punch. Thing is i am super loyal to places i have worked. My favorite fast food is still from the place i worked in high school, my favorite radio station is the one i worked at when i was going to college. Had i not needed to move on with my life, school/marriage/financial responsibilities i would be happy working at those places today. Same with GP, sure there where things i didn’t like at all those places but not enough to make me want to leave.

2.5, What were my childhood goals/ambitions? Which ones have i achieved?

I wanted to be a pilot so bad. When i had the chance i went to flight school and learned i loved to fly but hated the requirements and cost to becoming a pilot for hire. I didn’t want to be a flight instructor (which is more or less the only way to get the hours to even thing about being a pro-pilot). I remember wanting to be a oceanographer. lolz! But think that was mostly a Kansas boy wanting to be away from fields and cattle. Other then that all i remember was wanting to be away from home at all costs.

2.5, Name 2 or 3 people that have seemed to accomplished their dreams? What do i know about their accomplishments?

This one is kind of easy. People like Jerry, Tolero and Glin aka Eric seem to have found the magic. They are “living the dream” and making fantasy come to life. I know they all have had different hardships. Think i said on the live from GenCon Cocktail Hour that Glin was the most interesting person i have ever known (think he told me he was turned down for basically his current job the year before he got it). And Jerry’s struggles are simi-well known, but if you don’t know he also worked in radio aka the dying media… And yet they kept at it because that is where they wanted to be.

2.6 What do you think retirement will be like?

Can i just laugh and call this one done? No? I don’t know. Want i want right now more then anything is to sell everything get an RV and take off do what i need to as i need to when it becomes time to fill the tank or start that little farm someplace where it is fairly nice year round and can live mostly off grid. I would still need internet access, i am not a stone statue… But do i really think it will be like? I just don’t know. Maybe that commune will happen?


Okay all i want to skim at tomorrows reading, check on the chickens and greenhouse, maybe do some cooking and i want to do a ddo related update.


Hope to see you all real soon,


Day 2, Chap 1

I have just finished reading chapter 1 of 48 days and as promised i will be doing the assignments here for the world to see for accountability and content. 🙂

1, Ask yourself what work has meant so far: Looking back at all the jobs i have had over the years i think that everyone has started out as fun and challenging, like new content in ddo, then as i master the tasks i become tired and then ultimately i am grinding away for the end reward that is a paycheck.

2, What was i born to do: I saw this question when i was doing the overview on Friday and have been thinking on it all weekend. And i think the answer is story teller… Is that an option? Not a writer but someone that just tells stories. Think that is why i love pod casting or Dming or tring to stumble through this blog thing. I just want to tell stories and have people laugh or cry or anything really. On the other hand i am a natural Devil’s Advocate and/or teacher. Not real sure how those things go together…

3, Has my work and what i was born to do matched? Sometimes.. At my last place of work, as a web dev i often got to craft tools to do a task or allow others to manage a task. I see that as a way to tell a story every part order or warranty claim is like a mini-story… Designing a web tool for me is like building a quest or adventure, then allowing the user to complete the quest in the smoothest way possible. It takes research and planing and then the doing… I am good at the doing, but i enjoying the planing. Wonder if there is a planner job out there???

Eight more here stay with me.

1.1, My first job… The neighbors down the road gave me my first job, cleaning out their goat barn, think i made 20 or 30$…

1.2, What has been the greatest value or worth in my work life? If i am looking at financially i would have to say the system i put in place at Great Plains to handle parts orders. I know that they easily can handle 13 million in parts orders a day in part due to the ease of my part order system. If i am talking about to myself i think i would say the warranty claim system i built. There was no real frame work for that one, it was all in my head and i brought it to life totally by myself…. Is this what Jerry means when he says “system engineer”? I don’t know…

1.3, If you job changes does your purpose change? Yes, new challenges always allows new growth and purpose. Mountains must be climbed, right?

1.4, Will your current job exist 5 years from now? If by current you mean unemployed, then yes. If you mean web dev, then also yes. If anything more and more tasks will be moving to the web, just look at the US’ health care exchanges… Maybe that wasn’t a great example…

1.5, What are the ideal characteristics of a job/career? Challenge, Change, Quality People and measurable meaning. That last one is a little strange but in a nut shell i like being able to say i did this and it saves/makes X dollars a year or this saves person Y this much time per task… That is a great feeling.

1.6, When i daydream what am i doing? I dream about a lot of things. Right now i think my main fantasy is a small farm but that was when i felt oppressed or trapped at work. For the longest time i wanted nothing more then to work on DDo, not on its web site but on the game itself. Is it sad to say i want to fix bugs? Maybe i am just tired of so many bugs in my game? But if i could just do anything? I want to talk and just tell stories. Can you be a pro-Dm?

1.7, What are the happiest moments of my life? Okay lets start with the 2 clear winners, my wedding day and my son’s birth. Just thinking about how those days made me feel is making me tear up like a little bitch.. Stupid feeling. Those two days aside, i think taping a few of the DDoCocktailHours have been real highlights, the one and only live show i got to do on air was real fun even if my 3/4 dyslexia made repeating phone numbers real hard. But i also remember many late nights Dming at the pizza hut and the real joy i had watching Warranty Claims start to roll in when dealers could finally start to enter claims online. Those were all good days.

1.8, If nothing changed in my life in the next 5 years would that be okay? Hmm, no. Daddy needs a paycheck. Ask me that a week ago and i would have said sure, but meant mostly. The job was never my problem. Although i was a little behind on current skills but i was working on that. No my main issue was a boss that had decided and told me “you made my life hard for a while, now i am going to make your life hard.” I don’t want to get into that again but really all of my stress at work was due to him and my pay. Funny thing was when i got my last pre-firing paycheck i looked at the amount on the check and my bills and found a happy place with my salary…

That is all the questions for today. I think the idea was to get me to think about what overall makes me happy as a person and how i might take that and find something that calls to me?

Anyone out there that needs a storytelling programmer that is mostly is needed to plan things out or teach others things feel free to share this blog with the HR department.

As always,