Some “What If”s for You

Last week I answered some What if/make you think like questions from Goggle. Today I want to give you some to answer.

What if you woke up and you were your main alive and well in DDO but you don’t know for sure what would happen if you died. Would you still quest? If yes above, at or below level?

What if due to a fluke your main always has plat maxed out at the plat cap no matter what you buy. How would that effect your play?

A smexxy one: Think everyone knows the “Marry, Frack, Kill” game lets play one. Jailor from Tod, Sor’ jek from SoS, and Anur-Shub the Hellion from the shroud. Then once you finish what does that say about you?

Turbine as added a new feature for your own sound track for bard songs as long as those songs are on your computer and in a common file format. What songs do you change and to what?

One more….

You win a contest from Turbine for a million dollars. But to claim your prize you have to agree to a full make over DDo style where you look just like one of the raid bosses for a full year, also they are going to make a TV ad featuring you getting that make over because you love DDo that much. Would you do it?

Just some fun thoughts to think about.

Epic Thoughts..

So last night was my guild’s “Epic night” and we ran a lot of epics. And I have to say I had a lot of fun. One of the things we did was vons 1,3,4 on Epic normal. Von 3 got skipped because it only opens on normal normal for some reason… Anyway as things progresses in Von3 we were finishing up and the Marut died super quick and Tobril and I kinda looked (if you can look via on screen alts) at each other and said okay we need to step things up to Ehard. And that spun off into a little decision about Epic quests being too easy now that I guess is happening on the forums.

So this is how I feel in a nutshell. To me they feel about right. If I wasn’t fairly well geared out or a little less skilled I might have issues on Enormals. And I see that in some of out more casual guildies. Not that they can’t do the quest. But instead of feeling like someone is directing them via verbal commands they can do their own thing and try to help in there own way. Where before we did have to give a lot more “Do X now!” instructions.

Newly 20+ people need some place to go to keep moving up in the game. And before the Xpac they had to limit themselves to the easier epics as long as some one more experienced was willing to help them or raiding… I would have never taken a fresh 20 (non-guild) in to say epic DQ or Wizking pre Xpac. Right now I might, if I am feeling social, take a Defense channel person or maybe even throw up a LFM…

Well I could.

Don’t judge me!

Okay most likely not…. But i could.

Now I haven’t done a ton on Ehard as we are still mostly just feeling out the different EDs and how they are playing with a scale. But the Few Ehards I have done fell slightly harder but not to bad and the one or two Eelites I have done feels about the same as the old Epic setting. But for the extra time to complete right now (some DG people are just now level 21) Enoramls and Ehards will become our norm for a while. But if you were running the old epics then the EE setting holds the same challenge.

Lastly I will say I really enjoy the fact that people can short man epics with out too many issues. I know that some people will have issues but for the most part it is very doable for everyone. And I like that.

Having the option to grab a friend and knock out almost any epic with out worrying too much about party makeup is nice, just to hang out and feel like forward momentum in the end game is still happening.

Being Tanky, Samius Style?

I said yesterday that I would talk a little today about how Samyus has been playing. Also I want to talk a little about his gear and setup. So lets just jump in.

EDs, Right now EDs are the real deal when it comes to tweaking out post 20. Sure we have two more feats slots to fill out and a few stats points to assign. But the real power post level 20 is in those EDs.

At the moment I am level 4 in the Sentinel line, with some in Flowers and Juggernaut. Sentinel is right what I needed. Good Damage negation via a funky life shield stance, lots of extra dps with the different extra weapon damage and most importantly for me great self-healing. Finally!

Some time back, like maybe last week, I got a (as in 1) use of Lay on hands. With my current level of Chr (12) and my amp it does a staggering 19 hp of healing. I am right there baby! But over the weekend I opened up Light the Dark and it is amazing! With my amp as is I get around 350 hp back and if Tobril is standing near by I want to cut myself as he is getting 725 or so, what a dick. With that being so helpful I took all the ranks I could in Endless lay on hands and would take more if they would give them to me. Four hits and I remax up my hp and the regen of hands its not too bad. I even was able to play Medic in an eN DQ raid (3man) thanks to Light the dark. Think I might have used 1 silver flame pot while the party ran to me before using my aoe heal. It has been super helpful and is saving me a ton is pot costs. Which is good as I ma super broke atm.

I am really looking forward to taking Purify/Anoint weapon. I will need to make a new Efang or two to slot with more metal types but that is okay to have the best one handed tanking weapon ready to go for every boss.

Think I have talked about my Twists before so I will be quick, but Running with Wind has been great. More movement allows me to stay in Stance and stay with the group. From Juggernaut I have twisted in Legendary Tactics. Making my Stun DCs good enough for a lot of stuff with out a stunning 10 item. Hoping to pull one of those new rings soon. Or I might break down and start running Lob to make a trash shield.

I had planed to twist in Momentum Swing but after trying it out the 5[w] doesn’t grow as you spend points just its recovery chance and threat range. Which makes it good and all but I just don’t know if it is twist worthy atm…

I would try for Flyby attack because it would look cool. But that is a lot of work for a not of payoff. Healing Spring from Shiradi Champ and or Fast Healing from Fury of the Wild looks sweet but do I need more healing? No, well not yet anyway…. Anyway if you have any ideas for what else to twist in let me know.

Anyway gear is fairly simple, got my Purple set which is good. But I am thinking about fitting in the abiashi set of (bracers, boots and cloak) for normal play. More dps is more better, right? And now that I have my head better around the Ac changes my bracers of wind that was 4 ac is now 1% dodge bonus for a groovy 8% dodge. Wow! So netting 3 dps and what 3 ac might be worth losing 1 dodge and blur. Tobril can cast that Shit on me again. Or I can make a blury HP GS goggles netting a Displacement clickly.

We have been splitting end game nights between epics and challenges for Mats, most of us are just hunting tokens to slot things but upgrading things has been taking some mats as well. It has been a few weeks since I raided other then DQ 2-3 manned. I think that there might be some Defense Short man Vons happening soonish so that will be fun too.

Well back to work.

When all else fails, pug?

I think you all know that I have been working on the TR thing with Samius for a while now. And for the last few lives I have had Fopo as my leveling partner. And it works out well for us. This life he opted to use his stone and take a few weeks off to explore the new stuff. I can’t do the same with my stone as I used mine to rush through a TR on one of my Wizards. But before I go down how I am unhappy with how my new wiz is working out; let me just say it leaves me leveling Samius alone.

All has been going well enough solo. Levels 1-11 have been fairly quick even though I have been taking time to run the new stuff also on my “tank.” Which might be tomorrow’s topic… However, getting to level 12 has been a task, mainly because I insist on keeping up my elite streak as well as doing things that are not so easy to solo. And that has made my week-weekend very hard.

I ran a Shadow Crypt flagging quest solo each night I played ddo over the week, surprisingly the swim and forced to split up quests were the easiest to do this life. Sometimes I really miss firewall.

With a happy skip in my step I went to solo the crypt on Thursday. Every thing is going super smooth. I get all the gears even. The path to the flag is not super easy but I find it soon enough and clear my way to the final fight. Where I get my head handed to me. I get the boss to around 20% and he ports out and makes his copies. I have learned however how to tell the copies from the original. The copies have about a 1/3 of the HP of the boss so die a lot faster. As they all spam dispels and hold spells you want them dead as fast as possible. So once you turn back to the boss he ports out and starts the loop again. That first time I DDed back twice using the trinket up to shrine and try again before I realized I had been in that quest for more then 2 hours. Most of that time was in that end fight. Finally I just put my head down and let the vamps have me just to be out of the quest.

Friday was a lot like Thursday, but I only had the 8 gears to open the way to mister vamp dick and his path to him was a lot easier. But the end was very close to the same.

Saturday morning thought I would be able to pull off a win first thing, I didn’t.

Frustrated, I stole my son’s account for a few hours buying him Vet2 and making a new wizard. I have done this quest with hirelings before so having myself at the keys should work even if I am level 7, right?

Fumblebot, simi geared up was ready to go for it. I am not sure how much plat I dumped into him but a lot and he still only had 3 or 4 slots used, but good enough for a burn them in a wall of fire quest. And he ripped that quest a new one. All gears only took a few mins. Had a few close calls when I realized that I didn’t take the enchantment that took his WF ASF to 0% and failed a roll to repair myself. But I had wands and pots ready and was able to recover well enough. I ran out of juice burning the lords, but thanks to the recharge to 12 sp thing I was able to backpedal and ray things down. After all that I fully expected Mister Vamp Dick to roll over to Walls and Scorching rays but he didn’t and I spent a long time trying to end that fight just off the shrines. Until I fumbled hard and got swarmed to death. Samius tried to go in and save him. But the kids laptop is just not able to handle a build as complex as Samius with how the bars are laid out let alone everything else.

So we pop out and try again. This time with a stack of store bought greater pots. Did you know that normal majors are level 9? I didn’t. So take 2 with the wiz. Things are going well again, I have all the keys again and a simple path so no issues. Get to that end fight and I just didn’t have the spell dps. I DDed and bought a shrine and redid my spells boosting the number of damage spells, as I had used all of them already. But still DPS fail. Degusted I log and play with the dog out side, a little later I log back on and play in the realms to help a guildie for his first time.

Sunday, I happen to see a group for Church and the Cult or some level 9 on elite shit. I resolved to not fail Shadow crypt again solo I thought maybe if this group is not shitty I could use them to do it. As they were not horrible players, that is what I did. I ¾ soloed zerged that quest and then when the pugs do that “What are we going to do now?” thing I talked them in to doing the Shadow. Only one guy ½ knew the quest, never tried with out a path solver so had no idea how to run it himself and I ended up leading the group but we got all the gears we needed in 9 rooms I think and DDed and took east three times and boom! 54k xps in 15mins. Would have been a great run if wasn’t for all the fails before it.

So there you have it. An example of how when all else failed I pugged. See I can play with others. Well use others. ☺

Samius Answers: What ifs from Goggle

I am in a hurry to knock out today’s post. I have to leave early today to take care of some issues with the repairs on my bike. So instead of taking time to think of a topic and then write something I just Goggle-ed “what if questions” And will cherry pick a few and answer them from my point of view.

What if Quagmire actually had a spin off?
That would be great. Quagmire is totally my favorite character on family guy. Don’t think I would be a weekly watcher, but I would tape 5-10 of them at a time and do a little mini marathon watching.

What if you were rich?
I will change things to suddenly rich because I have plans for that and not what if I was always rich. Anyway I would pay everything off and fix things up that need work. Then I would set up a trust and better collage fund for the kid. Oh as a side effect of becoming 100% debt free I would guess my wife would quit her job and find something to do that would make her happier then her current job. Now assuming that my new found wealth leaves more wiggle room then that I would like to buy an RV and travel around, blogging/podcasting my little heart out.

What if I you died right now?
Well setting aside my religious believes I would say my office would have a bit of a freak out. And then my wife would follow along the suddenly rich plan – the RV and travel plan.

One more… If you could pick a super power to have what would it be?
I know it is a simple one but one of my favorites. Think I would like to teleport stuff, including myself. Baring that one I would like to have “pleasure” vision. I think that I could do a lot with a few well-timed blasts of pure “pleasure.” ☺

I feel like I need some ddo themed questions but I would have to make them up myself and that doesn’t sound fun. Use the comments and leave me one up and next week I will try and answer them.

The Better Part of Valor?

When do you give up? For me I give up when I stop having fun trying to win. Not before. But I have seen a few groups lately quit on me early. And a few try and grind on past the point of helpful.

Rant Overtones /on

I was on Javabot helping the wife with xp before she TRed last weekend, and we were in a hard or elite shroud. And things where going fine parts 1,2 and 3 weren’t bad, if a little longer then necessary. Although we learned that we had a few newer people that only had 1 or 2 completions under their belts but the other “healer” was not one of them.

Part 4 starts and 3 or 4 people die right away, pre harry mind you someone wailed and took off pulling blades and a ton of people ran out of heals and into the blades. What do you do? I shrugged and assumed they were the new people. And went on. Turns out that they were not the only new people as chatter quickly turned into guess this is a fail talk. And people started to pull out. Before long there was 6 of us left in and Harry was falling, End of round one and we are looking good for round 2 Harry was about to port out and I get hit by a blade from behind just as I take a meteorstorm to the face and die casting a heal on my anchor. Once I am down the other healer recalls out as he is empty and is not drinking, (totally understandable) but why have pots if you don’t use them?

Next example, Again last week sometime Tobril and I are helping Torrance to cap out so she can TR and we have just done all the ToD flagging quests on Elite and now it is time for New Invasion. I need a moment to hit the head and they can start with out me, as I am just here to help her/favor. When I return I jump in and catch up I take the portal and die… They didn’t take the portal, I guess the portal red skulls people so they are taking the long way. Didn’t know… But we suffer on. After they save me that is and we keep moving. Get to the end fight when I finally figure out that we are on Elite still and we are going to have a long fight here. But we are Defense there is nothing we can’t do??

Five or six tries later totally nude with the boss at a sliver each time we wiped, we ran out of time. If he didn’t reset right away or if falling back down counted as being down we would have won but as it was we failed. And it was tough.

I have written before about knowing when to call something. But we all missed that one. But hey I was having fun and how great would that story had been if we pulled it out on that 6th try? Really great.

Looking for a Pair of Ladies

Couple seeking DDo playing ladies, Minimum age 40.

No that is not a crazy looking for love ad. But during last nights taping of CtH, Lessah said if I could find two ladies that are active playing DDO over 40 she would come back to DDO.

So long story short that you should be able to play any time now, if you are or know any female gamers (40+) let them know I am looking for them. So we can get Lessah back full time!

Ps Real post coming soon.

Look at all the People I didn’t Kill Today

So like many of you Tobril and I have been playing in the new stuff when we decide to work on our big kids, while the drops are “hot”. Last nights Epic night was no exception. After the bulk of our “Epic Tuesday” was done (DQ 6man and the raid) we moved on to the new stuff. I know it didn’t feel super epicy to me either but as I wrapped up my silver flame favor on Samyus just moments before running to the 6man for a flagging completion and I was super excited to take my much more self-healing fighter into anything. So new stuff was good enough for me.

Anyway Tobril and I have been doing all these new quests and when it is time to save the slaves I let Tobril “save them” mostly so I can mock him as he rips their heads off in his futile attempt to save them.

It never fails to make me smile when the Lawful Good monk/fighter/pally in his all his glory goes to pull apart a slave collar and ends up ripping the poor guys head off, killing him in the most horrible manner I can picture.

Then after seeing how well his last attempt worked out, said “hero” steps up to a new slave that just saw his buddy die at the hands of this “hero” and allows him to try again. Most likely killing him in the process.

Rinse and repeat.

Maybe it is the sadist in me but I can’t help and picture Tobril stepping up to the drow and saying, “Your turn.”

The slaves, “Humm no thanks. Your not really good at this “saving people thing” are you?”

“Well look at all the people I didn’t kill today.” Waving his hand around in a general manner….

The drow looks a round and sees the dead bodies of his former slave masters that moments ago Tobril punched to death, as I hid behind my shield and intimidated the masses into trying to get me, as well as a slave or two that might have been fighting along side its former master and the still warm body of the slave he just “helped”. And thinking, “Well one way or another I won’t have to wear this collar any more…”

My Foray Into the EDs

First of all Morn, or at least it is for me so lets try to make it a good one and keep that momentum running all day and make today a good one. But I don’t have high hopes for the day. With that out of the way lets talk about my experience with the Epic Destinies.

I think that two or three of my guys have EDs active, okay four. Butterz my bard, As400 my newest back to 20 wizard, Javabot my FvS and Samyus my tanky fighter and other then Samyus they don’t have more then a few ranks in to their EDs. But even with this little bit of experience I can tell you the EDs is the best thing Turbine as done for ddo in a long time.

Lets look at Samyus’ “plan”. As it stands I will be twisting in Run 30% faster from Master of Flowers. Which needed to be level 4 to cross in to Sentinel anyway… And 2 twists from Juggernaut, +6 to tactical feats and the Super swing attack. Leaving me to take Sentinel full time.

I will say I am in love with the Sentinel ED. So far in normal non-boss tanking questing Vigor of battle stance has been sweet. This stance is a lot of what makes me feel like I am a tank again. It is all thanks to this “Enemies you hit gain healing touch for 3 seconds: grants 10 temporary HP to targets they attack.” So I do one of my many cleave attacks and then all the baddies around me tmp Hp me up (30% of the time) giving me a HP buffer large enough to take them out. And that is just a lowly level 0 autogrant.

I have been using Bane of Undeath I have been soloing Epic Wizking on normal now that I can. Lots of Shield boosting via Shield Prowess (MORE AC) as Legendary Shield Mastery (MORE PRR) also the wiki doesn’t say but this line also gives you more double strike % when using a shield. I also am using Confront any Foe like 4 times a shrine for a nice little extra boost to damage for an attack. But that might not stay long term.. Speaking of things I have been using that was not what I was thinking it would be I took Healing Hands thinking any more self-healing would be good but it is hitting for 15 hp right now. I need to boost that a lot if I am going to make that work. I hope to fit in Intolerant Blow as a get back here if Intimidate is on timer.

Anyway, that is a little but on what I am/have been doing in the EDs. Sometime soon I will feel “done” and I will give a list of everything I am doing and why but not from memory.

Can’t wait until I start to play with the EDs on some of my other alts more. Butterz’ Fatesinger for example looks amazing. Aka songs as damage…

Anyway back to work.

Back from Vacation

Yep I am back from vacation, from work not ddo. Although as part of my morning ritual at work is knocking out my ddo post for the day, I guess there was a little break from here as well. But I am back and ¾ a sleep, so lets go?

There are so many things to talk about, Ac, tanking, EDs a host of gear swaps but lets start with the most important, Samius.

Cleverly I TRed Samius right before the update, very helpful indeed. As I don’t need any of the new FR (Fracking Realms) on him right? Well at least not while leveling up along the TR train. I have been leveling Samius mostly solo and he is now level 10 almost 11. A few more levels and I can team up with Fopo to finish out this fighter life.

So the first level arty splash is working out super well. Full UMD and the enchant weapon buff is real nice as most of my early weapons are crafted and have no plus to help with the min level. Having master’s touch for when I go ranged bow, because I don’t have a ton of good Xbows at my fingertips, has also been real nice. Next level I get to start taking my fighter levels (yes I am now 9/1 monk/arty) and masters touch wont be needed any more, so a new first level spell will be needed…

Most quests have not been much harder solo then with two. Although I had to restart the pit on elite due to not having a death ward or a death block item on and failing on a slay living spell while doing an optional. Thankfully Fopo was in-group for voice so it was easy to blame him for distracting me…☺

I have been having issues with the Necro 2 chain, I need to make a ghost touch vamp wrap I guess… I would use the bracers for ghost touch and keep my current wraps in use, but I am getting over welmed and burning 5 times the needed resources and taking 10 times the time to complete those quests then it should. It is all because of incorporeal BS. Why doesn’t my ninja spy 1 incorporeal clickly help with that some?

Also I miss being able to go big ac at this level I should be mostly untouchable at this level. But going dodge because of the water stance bug is fairly helpful but I still feel a huge weakness that I normally don’t at this level.

My goal for the week is to hit 12 by Friday. I might not make it due to the extra time I am putting into Samyus, but that is a topic for another post.