Hjealz Me

I wasn’t going to talk about this but I am still a little pissed so why not. Last night the TR group ran a shroud. And I don’t think the changes to part 4 are all that bad. Just takes a little bit OF DOING WHAT THE HELL THE RAID LEADER SAYS!!!

Okay with that aside I want to get to the point of this post. But to be upfront I want to say I know what it is like to not think of yourself and be expected to heal due to your icon.

However, when you join a raid with 16 levels in a divine class and you are asked to heal. Do so or DROP! You can give out warnings that your not much of a healer. And that is fine. I don’t expect you to be flawless. But when I ask can I count on you, and you say something like your my anchor or yes I will keep you up. I expect to be healed. Because if not I can drink pots or scroll myself. You know things that lessen my DPS. No big. But what ever your doing don’t make excuses. Just say sorry and move on.

So last night in this shroud we get to part 4 and we go in round 1, fine. Fairly smooth. Round 2, we go in fight get out (did I say we were down to like 6 people by round 2?) as we were told to move around and avoid the fire balls and such. Some did others did not. Dodging round 2’s fireballs cost me some life and fighting the devils there just were no heals. I drank pots but I couldn’t scroll as I was told they would heal and I raged up. Dead. Wipe. One of the clrs complained he drank 8 pots and used his big trinket. Died with like 300 mana.

Reform and smooth again until part 4, round 2, we were ready to head in as harry just landed. I was at ½ life ask for a heal get it. I am the only one in at the time, and the clr informs me that I am the anchor again. I keep moving, staying away from the blades following me around like a lost dog. But I do have Harry’s complete attention. Fire shield wheres off. About the time he decides to go all meteor swarm/ fireball at me. There was a window I was at around 100 life I back up and drink a silver flame pot and he throws some more fireballs and boom.

I get told that I had 2 heals thrown at me but nothing. Look at my log the only healing I had from the first swing on Harry was my pot. The rest of the melee goes in a little after I die and I am told that one of the clrs is trying to aura heal and shield block. Okay…. And then that clr joins me in part 5. Luckily the group makes it to part 5. Think 4-5 people get to shrine.

Get to part 5 and get started and at about 100 hp I call out for a heals. Like any at all. At 50 hp I leave group and scroll/pot up. Taking the 2 bosses had agro of with me. In part chat one of the clrs inform us that they can’t hear us when we ask for healz. I say, no problem. I will pot/scroll my self you make up my dps while I do so. Someone else asks “If you can’t heal what can you do?“

Found it to be very funny and pissed me off at the same time. Asking Fopo to try scrolling me during the harry fight with his 10 fvs levels I will take his 95% chance vs the divines 100% shitty chance. Looking at the combat log later, I see that Fo and Tobril’s heals (on his bard) where my main healers. I did get some healing from the other guys but not as much as one would thing from mass heals.


I know when on my divines I like to do other things. And calling out for heals is a way to prompt me to hand some out. I am not going to watch others red bars in normal questing. I will throw a mass around me any time I notice that we/I need healed. But if you say something I try hit you asap!

Now in a raid I play a little more healbot. Why? Because I am a horrible healer. So I try extra hard I over heal drink pots left and right burn scrolls whatever it takes to not have a fail on my hands. I don’t want my rep to be shitty healer.

Guess I am not the norm.

Would I Be a Cheater, If…?

There is a lot of talk whether or not using the Invisibility to prevent mobs from attacking extractors in one of the new challenge quests is a cheat. Not going to use the other word, just because.

I don’t feel like it is myself. I was talking with old Tobril and Fopo about it last night while working on more IQ quests.

And Fo was very much yep thats a cheat; until I said one thing. In PnP DnD you can invis objects. That was all it took for him to turn around.

And then the topic shifted to how would we or our Dms handle such an issue. Or how could the DM use there tools to get around the players casting invis on the mining machines.

A key to understanding what options a mob would have at its disposable is to understand what the mob knows. So lets get a short list of what it might know.

!, where the extractor is, or normally sits. I mean these things sit on their island right?
2, for some reason they really don’t like the extractors running. To the point where when one is active your tribe/what ever sends out party after party to see why it is running and to shut the damn things off.
3, I would bet that being it is something they dislike so much they would have tried to remove them, but couldn’t so they must be heavy.

Okay that is a good list. Following that logic I try to put myself in to that mind set. I have just been told that the one of the extractors is running and to go handle it. I get to where the extractor is and it is gone. But it still is doing the thing that pisses me off. Maybe I can hear or smell it.

I forget all the different kinds of mobs that spawn, I only ran it like 2-3 times. But we have to allow that according to PnP some of the mobs don’t rely on sight as strongly as we do. Gnolls for example use their noses a lot. Earth Ellies or Mud men (I remember them attacking me once) might have tremor sense.

So an invised extractor might make them start to hunt around for it just as quickly as not.

In come quests the mob casters pass out buffs like Displacement and Deathward. Why couldn’t they pass out see invis or True seeing? The way those mob casters dispel in every quest now, like it is going out of style, tell me they wouldn’t dispel the hell out of that extractor.

So is invising a cheat? I don’t think so. Until mobs have the smarts to respond better to some of the player tactics I might put it in the cheesy pile.

UMD a Lov Story or Two.

I want to share a story or two about me and UMD, Use Magic Device. Inspired by a post by wax_on_wax_off and an off comment by my lady love.

I have always use Umd in ddo. The very first Samius had his cross class Umd score maxed and that was just something I always did.

Back when the cap was littler and before there was Trs and greater hearts of wood there was little 28 point Samius. He now lives on Thelanis, well mostly sits on Thelanis just in case….

I remember a lucky Titan raid I ran will the little guy and a pair of seven fingered gloves dropped. I wanted them so badly, in fact they were the reason I ran the raid. Back then he wore armor 100% of the time. Mostly just to be a little different, hey it worked for me. 🙂

Anyway the gloves went up for roll and I won. I was thrilled. I made a comment about how happy I was to pull them for the SPF reduction and pulled off my head set and shared with my wife the good news. Only half paying attention at best I noticed someone was talking a lot and I started to get a few tells. Finally when I went back to the game I was getting bitched at. By a guy named doopelbock. Yep I still remember the name. He also wanted the gloves for the more important reason of HIS umd score. I remember trying to talk to him about how my own umb was quite serviceable and with my new gloves I had a fair shot at heal scrolls (50% or so). But he would have none of it. Before long I realized it was not the merit of my usage but that he wanted them and there for I should have given them to him. Dropped, reported any follow up contact and excluded him from any group I was in.

I told that story because last night the TR group was running some IQ elites. Stuff was hairy for a while. Tobril as the ROUGE (mawhahaha) ended up having to “tank” the damsel in side Jeets. Not enough healing for my barb to take 150 point fireballs, chain lightings, and big scorching rays. My 50 charge stone only lasted for about 20 seconds before running out. Our hireling clr died super quickly and our guildie clr not long after the hireling.

We raised them both, many times in fact. Hell I had a few rezs thrown my way also. But we ended up letting Tobril tank for a bit while I dumped heal scrolls into him. Fopo got all the agro he could and kited until he got all the trash and Tobril got stabilized. And I was able to go in to help with the final big dps push.

Good times. I don’t know if we would have wiped if I couldn’t umd on my barb. His standing umb has him 50-60% on heal scrolls, with a few swaps I am 100% on heal scrolls (including a pair of seven fingered gloves gloves and a HoGF). I mainly use my umd score for fire shield scrolls before raging up or fast travel, but it good to have for when shit hits the fan moments.

The wife watching from the sidelines (she wasn’t playing yet) made a comment about those gloves being worth the asschewing I took so long ago to get them. Thanks Doopelbock, live in a fire. 🙂

I ❤ you UMD.

Storage Wars

Some times you get home from work, take your pants off and run to your computer to play some Ddo. Along the way you happen to make eye contact with the wife and boom. There goes your plans.

Sure they say all the right things, like “No go ahead and play.” or “I’m good, you can go ahead and play.”

But don’t let yourself be fooled. We know that look means trouble.

If I spent the night working my Sam’s butt off earning xps, I might wake up like old shorty Bobbit. Calling 911 and trying to stop the dogs from enjoying a unpleasant doggy treat that was little Sam.

No, there will be no Ddo in my house on nights when my wife has that special twinkle in her eyes.

Normally that look involves a shitty day at work, that I can do nothing about but I rolled well on my “Read wifes mind check” and learned that little Qwynn took a little nibble of the new couch. The one the wife hunted for weeks. And ended up having to order and waited weeks to get. So there was some unpleasantness there. But that is easily enough to fix, as we did buy the extra special warranty. A phone call should get us on the to be repaired list.

A follow up roll had to deal with the boy and not turning in all of his homework, still. And I am going to leave it at that. Although on last nights House, Chase said his interest in medicine came from being locked in a study with nothing else to do for hours but read his dad’s old medical books, and he is a TV doctor. Hmmmm, interesting thought…..

Back to the wife; She and I spent the night on the couch watching TV mostly via Netflix streaming.

Last week I was hunting for something new to watch while mindlessly grinding xp; and I was clicking around the shows that Netflix has to stream and I remembered that Walt Flanagan from TESD podcast, was talking up Storage Wars. Netflix has it to stream, why not give it a chance?

Because it is super additive, thats why, take it from me if you don’t want to get sucked into a show don’t watch.

So last night I went to watch something else but with in 5 mins of reading between lines like “Why are we watching an Surviverman we have seen 100 times, when there are Storage Wars we haven’t seen?” I ended up took the hint and swapped to Storage Wars instead. And there went the night. At least until House had ¾ recorded.

Storage Wars is one of those shows that should have a warning “Time Machine”. 20 mins turns in to 5 hours so fast it makes your head spin. It has great characters that you hate/love, and you need up yelling at the tv to bid or to stop. It is great.

Anyway no Ddo talk today. Maybe if no one messes up today I can run some raids and earn some xp tonight.

The Push

To say I was on a bit of an xp bender might not be 100% correct. I sat in my game chair long enough I might have grown into it some. There was much grinding. I earned way over 1millon xp this weekend.

So Fo, the wife and I are not slow. We move along the quests at a fair pace. And then on the weekends I solo a lot of content in the AM while they are off line. My whole goal is to keep up rank wise. Torance is on a first life. Fo is on a second life. So I could cap them both with the xp l already have. 🙂

But I had ulterior motive, Tobril started his TR about 2-3 weeks before I did. Fo started about a week ahead too, but I caught him. And I have been pushing to catch up.

Friday night we did. 🙂 Thank you litany. You might not have dropped any named loot, but you are xp per min. And I ❤ you. Why can’t there be more quests like you.

So I gathered up the TR teams and formed them into one team. Saturday morning I sat in the game chair at 8 am and around midnight I crashed for a few hours and was up by and playing by 9. And we pushed some more.

I didn’t cap out yet. But now I have xp for 19, rank 91 I think. Vale mostly emptied. Reavers Refuge (all but SOS) IQ started. Every thing on elite. My elite streak is around 180. I think by the time I do a few raids, finish the IQ it should be TR time.

It was a good time. And Tobril, who has been running a hard streak, got to see what an elite streak can do. He made the comment along the lines of WOW that is what it is like to see a bar move again. 🙂

Pay to Win?

Before we get to the meat of the story. It is 11.11.11 aka Veterans’ Day/Remembrance Day for our friends over seas. The freedom we have to play a video game and talk about it like it is important, is insured by the service of out vets. Take a second and think about that and if you can thank a vet.

It also happens to be the last Binary day for a very long time. I don’t think you will see another, unless you got some mad blood sucking skills and can avoid the sun or know a good cyro place and are willing to take a long nap.

Now with that out of the way, Pay to Win?

So in my want to get my belt all crafted up I took my pile of TP and tried to pay to win. I hit the Ddo store and filled up on essences; lessers, greaters, a few crafting xp pots and about 100 +10% boosters. even used Tolero’s 5% off the cart code and bought more then I thought I would need. I spent then equivalent of 30$ in Tp, about 3000 Tp. In my mind if I spend that amount of cash I should win, right? What does a class cost? 1400 Tp. And I see that as a win vs grinding out a ton of favor. 🙂

Well I didn’t get in range of 100. I did gain about 13 levels in an hour. Burned a ton of my non-store reserves. And ended at about level 74. Not close enough to try for the Health +6 shard.

Following the idea that you could keep going. And that 3k TP amounts to about 10 levels it would cost me at least 50$ to get in range to try. With a 6000 tp package.

I don’t know that I would call that P2W, but I can see how others might. If I wanted to I could have broke out the credit card and kept going but why?

I am glad the option is there. If I was in striking distance, it would have been great to get there. And I have been in the spot where I wanted a certain ability. Back when I was making all my alts ghost touch of Everbright weapons I ran out of law essences and got mad that I miss calculated my needs.

Anyway. Just wanted to share that little story. And to say hell if someone wants to pay that price to win, let them. That is just a raise for my home boys at Turbine.

I found a crafter that can make what I want and am paying him essences to hook me up. Now that is pay to win. 🙂

I Need to Find a Crafter

I have a hole in my gear now. It swas a sneaking little thing. But it is there. Last life I took a break and knocked out 20 shrouds for a Green Steal cleansing stone; allowing Sam to wear his hat, bracers, boots and goggles. Many swappable pairs of goggles, I think. 🙂

So at level 11 my defenses are fairly solid. And the gear looks good. But when level 13 rolls around with its sexy +6 stat items I have an issue. My poor Lion headed belt doesn’t cut from level 13 on. But I don’t have any thing better to equip until level 18.

So my though was how close am I to grafting a +6 con belt? Maybe with a med guild slot so I can add back in the guild Hp I lost by swapping out of my life shield/Invulnerability outfit with a med guild slot.

Well I am about level 60-65 ish in everything. Meaning still way short. I did some power leveling as I have a simi large pile of grafting stuff. But I am still far short…. So time to hit my servers list of high level crafters and see what it will cost.

Oh Snap, 30 seconds of looking around and I see that you can not make +6 stat items unbound…Nuts. Guess I will have to wait and keep leveling my own dumb self!

Right now I am level 16 with xp for 17, but I haven’t finished the level 14s on elite yet. I hope tonight. Thing it Some of the group Fopo namely wants to rock the new Cannith quests as to unlock Arties. So I have the feeling that I will soloing a lot of the content once we do the elite runs. Maybe the weekend will be good for xp. As I think Fo is bowling tonight. Sigh….

So if one of you are a high level grafter on Sarlona let me know. I have the want for a few things and will pay well, Just not in plat. Other wise I am stuck checking on prices via the other known guys. Wish me luck.