Loot running Epic Vons

So over the last few days I have been looting the easy to get to epic von chests. Nothing in von 1, but upon thinking about it I should be going for the chest behind the locked door and maybe do a little scroll farming. Update the locked door in von1 has a higher then 52 knock dc, that means I am not looting running von1. Well not this life anyway…

But basically I want to run down the “how to”s to farm the epic chest in the vons.

I start with von 2. I cast res. fire, exp retreat, jump, the DW clicky and invis. Now there is more then one reason I am letting my sorc life linger a bit, the air dance is handy for some farming.

So we are looking for the up to two chests in the maze. You have to be carfull when looking for them however. Because you don’t want to anger too many mobs because once they know where you are you are going to have to kill them. Dogs I PWK, melee cows get a few neg levels and the finger casters get dragged back where you have a corner to stand behind and jump out to Dot them and jump back to some safety. Tab around and find the chests don’t rush but at the same time don’t stand around smelling the flowers. I know seals drop in these chests. So for me right now it is worth it.

Then I hit von 3. the jungle run is just that and invis run with a well placed wail on normal. Then enter von3 proper on epic. There is a possible chest right at the start. Sometimes there is a named there some times a caster, sometimes a scorp. Some times all three others nothing. Scorp gets PWK, drow get doted like the casting cows in von2. I haven’t seen a seal drop in this chest. But with is 1 out of 4 spawn rate I think of the von 3 run as more of a fast shrine with a possible chest.

Von 4 fire, haste, jump and invis and get the lever. You might have to PWK the earth elemental, but that is no big deal. Invis again post pulling the secound lever and move up some and wait. Wait until the WF moves across the tunnel and you see the crystal about the head glow then jump onto the head, and reinvis talk to the head as fast as possible and start moving up the right tunnel. We are running to the chest down in the pit trap. If you don’t know what I am talking about again find a map on the ddowiki. I haven’t seen a seal drop here either but I have high hopes.

In any case you can hit up to 4 epic von chests in less then 6 mins and start over again. I have seen a lot of 500-1000 point guild renowns tokens. And have earned at least 100k plat in an hour hoping for seals. Now that they are ransacked it is back to EDQ six man chests. 🙂

The End is Nigh, pt 2

I have been asked what do I plan to have in my truck kit. And you know what Ddo was a slow night of hitting epic von chests and getting some xp with Javabot so not a lot to talk about there. And frack, I like talking about this stuff. So here is my current list of stuff for my truck kit.

First Aid kit probably going to add some QuikClot

Food & Water 3 people a day or so. Thinking jerky and something like “Aqua 2 Go” aka long storage time, can’t do that with bottled water.
Some amount of cash money.

  • Tire repair kit
  • Fixed blade knife/ hatchet?
  • Good multi-tool
  • Blanket
  • (again enough for 3)

  • A few 55 gal trash bags
  • Jump kit
  • possibly this I have something very much like this but as this is a light, air compresser and more that what i have does not. This is a logical upgrade.

  • Can of sand
  • I want to explain the can of sand, It is a multi-tool. One if it is cold out burning a candle set in sand is a good way to save heat. Also sand can to help get traction if stuck in the snow or mud. And you could also use it as a first first layer filter if you need to clean some water.

  • Candles or other source of fuel for a small fire
  • Water proof matches
  • Folding water bag + some kind of water purification
  • – never know if you might need more water

  • Some extra socks, Bandana/s
  • Tarp
  • Rescue Tape
  • – think long storage duct tape.

  • Some small gage wire.
  • Spare cell phone charger
  • Shovel
  • 5 gal bucket with a lid.

My plan to expand this to a 3day/bug out kit includes

  • Expanding food and water supply to 3+days for 3 people + dogs.
  • Ample water purification supplies
  • Dog food
  • Some amount of hunting equipment
  • – be it spare ammo or some thing as simple as a Slingshot, pellet gun or a few fishing supplies.

  • Extra bedding
  • Hand powereddevices, radio, lights, etc…

Think what I will do is break this into a few 5 gal buckets. One car kit in each vehicle, then try to get as much of the bug out kit into one more bucket and keep that in the garage so in case of an major “Get out of Dodge” emergency all I need to do is yell at the wife and kid to get the dogs and get in the truck as I grab the expanded kit and the can of gas and take off.

Now I currently don’t live in a large city. We have a population of about 50k in Salina. And I know the area well enough, I can get out if the need arises. Say the interstate is closed I can take a highway or a black top or even a dirt road to get to a safe house. Now if if I lived in a larger city, say Boston (hint hint Turbine) I would to plan an route or two or three. Having a plan and never using it is good insurance.

While writing this I had a meeting with my boss and owner of my company. A man I trust and respect and he feels that something is coming. He sees it in the financial markets. When the self made – very well off see trouble and start to get ready you had better get ready also. Because those people can since trouble coming and know what steps to take to weather the storms.

Ps, If you also see trouble brewing let me know and moving to small town Kansas sounds good, I am debating on how to best start a commune….

The End is Coming, How I am Getting Ready

If you are a fan of the Ddo Cocktail Hour then you have heard me go a little nuts about how the end is upon us. I am not talking about judgment day or any thing like that, although I do think there is a major shake up on the way. But one way or another major change is on the way. And I don’t know about you but I am getting ready.

For example last year we had some nasty ice storms, and many people lost power for 15+ days. And we had 22 inches of snow in places and going out to the store was a laugh.

So what am I doing about it?

1, I am putting together a few emergency bags for the vehicles. You know things like first aid kit, a few bottles of water, flash light, some basic food stuffs, some bailing wire and a good multi-tool and other whatnots. Things that are good to have on hand if say there is a car accident or getting stranded on the side of the road to there is a major emergency.

2, I am also building a list of everyday/everyplace gear. I stopped caring a pocket knife years ago, but I am going to start carrying one again. I am going to try to find a knife with a light on it. If not I have my cell phone which has a flash light app that turns on the flash until turned off. And I am looking at getting a small lighter that can go on the key chain. Boom mini survival kit. Again nothing super strange just good things to carry that I had carried when I was younger and quit.

3, Learning garden. This is a biggie, I am not an out side person and I don’t like yard work. But a simple patio garden sounds like a good idea. You know some potatoes, green onions and carrots maybe some sunflowers next year. I don’t need to replace my food supply, just give myself some fresh veggies.

4, Stock the pantry. My family kinda lives week to week when it comes to food. We don’t like going to the store. So when we go once every few weeks we end up spending a ton of money for what doesn’t seem like a lot. So I am just going to slowly try to bulk up on none perishables like noodles and whatnots. Trying to get a good week or two supply if for some reason I can’t get to the store.

5, Fuel, do you keep some gas on hand? I fill up a 5 gallon gas can maybe once a summer for the mower. I want to try to get myself on a better rotation for turning over that gas. I fill up once every two weeks or so, I will try to use that gas around the half a tank mark and then fill that container just to keep that gas fresher.

6, Power, that is the rub isn’t it. With out power Samius is sitting in the dark. So I am looking into generators, augmenting my home with solar or wind power. I live in Kansas so wind power might be a good option. I am also learning some other skills to live with lower power levels. I learned to build a solar oven. You know it is not that hard, and if I need to I can heat water, bake some food with little more then the sun.

7, Looking at other food supplies. I am thinking about some slightly more extreme options. I have looked at the city ordnances. I can get up to 15 chickens. I think I could build a small fish farm with out going over the top, maybe something as little as a nice yard pond with 30-40 fish and a few water plants. I don’t know yet, there are lots of options.

If you think I am nuts, that is cool. But what is the harm in having/doing some of the things on this list? Nothing. Look back over the last few years of your life. Has there been a time when you or a family member got in an accident? Or couldn’t get to the store or lost power for an extended amount of time? Were you/they able to handle that emergency? If not think about some basic insurance against just this kind of problem.

Did he fire six shots or only five?

Did he fire six shots or only five?

I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? – Harry Callahan

Lately I have felt a little off in my loot pulls. I have been running epics normally many a night. Last night being a kinda an exception, but I will talk about that later.

And when I think about complaining I remember that speech. “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

There are so many other things to complain about. Is the video game loot really that big of a deal? No and Yes.

Ddo is my main source of entertainment, and game loot is part of entertainment. I want to see that scroll drop in my name. Or get that seal I have been running for. But at the same time, I can afford to play. There are a lot of people that can’t out there.

So I guess the next time I farm for seals and Fopo gets the one he wants on the first run and completes his epic item (like last night, that lucky dog) and I get a lot of nothing I will try to remember a few things:

1, The game loves me and my luck will turn around some time.
2, Everyone has dry spells.
3, And that if I keep a positive attitude then it is all good.
4, And I am playing with good people and they will pass loot that I want if they don’t have a use right away or if I am closer to using it then they are.

Well I hope you all are getting the fat loots, and if not that you can stay positive and work through it.

Sorcs are not dps and raid lootz

Let me tell you a little story. I log in Saturday morning check channel and learn that Onecler has also just got on and just hit a epic last stand. The group is looking for one more. And he says get in asap!

So I hit the join group button and wait and wait. A little bit later the lfm changes to barbs, fighters and pallys only. No decline however.

So I inform Onecler of the lfm changes and wish him luck, and we can group up later.

He says no he will talk with the leader. A min or two and I am still hanging out. I get declined. Okay no big deal. I wish Onecler luck and let him know I was declined. As I get back to the boat I get an invite from Onecler, I thought that maybe he got the star and was sending me an invite.

Nope, he told the leader to invite me and we could all get going and have a good run or he was gone. Guess if Onecler tells you something like that it is not a threat. And if you want him you better do as he saids.

In less then 3 mins we have a mostly full lfm for last stand and we are rocking. Onecler starts getting tells from the other group leader, who now is looking for a healer as well as a final dps. About how is Dcs are real good and Onecler should take him into our group…. WFT?

We fill shortly, and have a fun run. I even pull my gloves seal so all I need now from fens are mostly shards. I would take other stuff but most of the epic stuff I want is falling in to place.

Onecler and I went on to rock quite a few epics that morning most of the fin stuff and whatnots.

I have another stand out story with Onecler and the guys this weekend we get an Abbot run going. And we complete in fairly good order. Looks like we are getting skunked until a litany drops. The owner types “sell or roll”. Just like that.

And Miss catches it and types that selling raid loot is a no no. At least in groups with him in it. And it is echoed by many of the other players. Letting the seller know that he will make a few do not play with lists if it gets sold.

Me? I don’t care if you sell raid loot as long as the leader is cool with it and people know the deal from the start. But if your not up front then you sure are a fool. If you don’t think people will be angry.

But the trade goes down. The group reforms for a epic von6 and the seller logs off and someone else from his guild hits the lfm looking for an invite. We asked if he was the seller, he answers yes. You know what? He got declined and was informed as to why.

It is sad. But you cross the raid leader and buck group you better be ready to handle the fall out.

It is your loot and you can do with it what ever you want to, but everyone else in the group can form an opinion as to your character and decide whether or not you are the kind of person they want to group with. Just to be clear however, the buyer also made a few lists. And I think he also tried to get in the von run and he was also declined. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few guild leaders didn’t hear about this. All I know is reputation is everything for end game Sarlona. And if your rep sucks. Change guilds, get a name change, reroll. Because once that is tarnished you will be facing an uphill battle to change that opinion.

43 Deaths: An Epic Chrono Story

So last night Started off with a bang, a crono loot run with Fopo then I got a ton of xp for Java with the wife. As she was about done for the night I as asked to join a EV6 by Oncler and the guys. I do but find Samius still on timer. So I get Mcgoogles, and remind/inform everyone that I am not a healer. But a shitty Ranger. Mcgoogles is a 20 level human FvS Silver Flame, all light and bow speced, multi shot and all.

And we have a good old time, even told to go spell/ranged dps durning the Velah fight. Smooth completion. And pull the shard of the Dragon Eye. For the eye samius got passed on his first run this life, and the seal he pulled on run 2. All I need is a scroll.

I ask around as they are out of my plat range on the Ah. Lousypher, I guy I don’t know too well, but have ran with more then a few times links 4 of them. I ask what he would sell me one for and he gives me one instead. Woot! Thanks Bro. And now Samius has a new shiny epic trinket for a little sp boost and a way to fit in Str +6 this life. I might have to clear it later but I will cross that road if I cross it.

Post Von the group decides to do a Abbot, Samius needs a Litany. It goes fairly smooth, our healers end up in the water with the abbot at about 20% hp and I spent the rest of the quest right at the edge of the platform throwing a metor swarm and trying to rez them as they swam up. I also throw the occasional heal scroll as I notice people are low. At 5% I get encased and die. But we finish with no problems, the group got skunked at the chest. 😦

So now I get told Ecrono is next. We start to fill, and I epic my new toy. And run over. Timer? Oh, no. When I did that loot run with Fopo first thing I competed and Samius is on timer. Well back to Mcgoogles.

Things are going well, we loop around looking for scrolls. Get to the first real fight, Blood plate. We have a few deaths. One was Oncler who was tanking. I was to heal the group. And the other FvS would keep him a live. Well I guess not. Then a sorc drops a few times. I would throw a heal and he would go a round a pillar. Oh well. I take 2 chain lightings with no time t heal between them and die. Thankfully all the deaths were spaced out over the fight. For the record no pots. The group heads over to loot their other in the inn chest and 3-4 for people get caught by an Abishai. I stay to help the Abishai group and miss the a DD along with those other 3-4 people.

Thankfully I have my invis clickly and most of us make it to the steam tunnels with no problem. A barb is not so luck and croakes. But I think there were a few other people not invsed as we are now at yellow alert. We decide to go clear the alert. But myself and the other healer both get hit with a soundburst and we are helpless as the group starts to drop. True craziness rains down on us for about 10 mins as people are dieing right and left. I lead the killed count at a total of 6 deaths. It was unreal. Finally people start to regroup to the Rusty Nail. That would make a great WF whore’s name in a pnp game. I will have to remember that. Anyway we get our act together and move along.

Ruin Arm fight goes well.

But then we fight go to fight the CAD Oncler says Miss is the tank. Everyone get a drink. And maybe when we get back we can go in. A Horc runs in and hits the CAD twice. The CAD turns and fire breaths killing me and 4 or 5 others. It was crazy. There was the strangest thing. The CAD turned and fired in one move. There was nothing I could do. After some recovery and again some one pulling agro off miss we complete. I hear lots of this was the best run ever. Lots of fun. Other whatnots.

I explain once again not a healer. And I think they know that now. We got lots of shards for the run however and it was lots of fun. It was nice to be in a group that doesn’t mind a little crazy.

Final death count for me 8. The next highest 7. Both of us the healers. The only person with no deaths was Miss. I think he hid when the real crazy went down. If only i was as smart. 🙂

A few more runs like this and I might have to take another look at my raids suck rule and try to do a little more of them.

Javabot and More Crafting Disappointment

Last night was a play around with Java and get in an epic or 3 with Sam. Aka a fine night of running around.

I have to say, the way Java is running right now I am very pleased. However I felt the same way at this level with my barbarian and it is sitting in bank land at the moment…

Last night I burned through most of tangle root on elite solo, level 6 remember. Have swapped cure mod for cure serous+ max. That hits for about 35-45, so worth casting. And once I leveled up to 6, I borrowed a icy burst keen great sword of pure good from a melee weapon bank alt. And the damage is solid = Bull Str + rage+ max str and the Abishai set doing its thing + damage boosts + power attack on all the time. Well you get the idea.

I am also getting to the place where the DR 5/invulnerability is starting less great then it is at the starting levels. I think a lot of that comes from not having 100% fort yet. I need to dig up an earthen guard trinket from the cove. That might help, until I can farm von 4 for straight up 5/-.

If you have been keeping up a day or two ago I talked about using the different crafting options to make a vamp great sword with a med guild slot and + 1 point of force damage. That could be level 5 but do to some bugs in the crafting is level 7. I hoped that once the guild boost timed out the weapon would down shift back to level 5 but no luck. So I guess it will just sit for another day or so. Still now is the time I want that sword it is like regeneration but a million times better.

Well back to work.

Way to Go Forum People and You Too Genasi.

I have been a long time fan of house D epics and their epic items. Samius carries a Winter’s Wrath for out of Sp moments. Healz’ armor is the Deneith Heavy Chain, my other wizards have a Midnight Greetings mostly for the Disintegration proc. For beat down moments. I have every thing ready for the Docent and a Jidz for Javabot, well the docent anyway.

A few months ago, Sirgog on the forums started a few epic item review threads. Scoring epic items and offering up ideas for possible up grades to better the lower scored items. And to be honest some of the epic items are a little lack luster if good in certain encounters.

Genasi, who I now think of as the item guy, replied to the thread and worked with the players to make some adjustments. To both the House D epics and the House P epic items. In a few weeks we will be seeing those changes happen.

But I am mostly going to talk today about the house D epics and their upgrades.

You know what here they are:

Epic Elyd Edge:
The weapon now includes Screaming, as well as Cacophony, a sonic damage effect equal in proc rate and power to Incineration. This weapon now uses the higher of Strength or Charisma for to-hit and damage, and has a new effect called Inspiring Echoes in which a Bard wielder’s Inspire Heroics, Inspire Competence and Song of Freedom become Area of Effect benefits while this weapon is held.

Epic Midnight’s Greetings:
The weapon’s Enhancement bonus is now equal to a character’s Intelligence modifier (minimum of 6, maximum of 10). The weapon’s Deception benefit has been replaced by Improved Deception, and now features Improved Paralyzing as well. The weapon now boosts Assassinate DCs by 2, and will use the higher of Strength or Dexterity for to-hit and damage.

Epic Deneith Heavy Chain:
This armor now has Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.

Epic Blademark’s Docent:
This armor now features Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.

Epic Chimera’s Crown:
This item now grants stacking hit points depending on the number of Dragonmarks a charact has: 1 Dragonmark grants 10 HP, 2 grants 15, and 3 grants 20. 3 Dragonmarks will also grant Spell Resistance 30.

Epic Chimera’s Fang:
This weapon now has a +6 enhancement bonus, 2d10 base damage, Silver, Keen, Shocking Burst, Disintegration, Destruction, Shatter +10, and a Red Augment Slot. The weapon also grants additional abilities based on the number of Dragonmarks a wielding character has:
1 or more Dragonmarks: Bastard Sword proficiency, +7 enhancement bonus
2 or more Dragonmarks: Greater Parrying, +8, Incite 10%
3 Dragonmarks (non-Sentinel): Sup. Parrying, +8, Incite 15%
3 Dragonmarks (all Sentinel): +10, Fortified Defenses 50%, Incite 20%.

I know that is a lot of text, lets skip to the Docent and the Chain. To items I use or will be using heavily.

Life Shield, DR 5/Epic, Superior False Life, Vertigo +15. Colorless slot and a blue slot if you don’t swap a lot these slots are great. A +6 stat easily goes into the colorless slot say con and toughness can go in the blue slot and you have all your HP in one easy to use item. This is my plan for Healz anyway. Java will swap a bit more then that so I might not wrap so many hp in one item. I might do secondary stats to help with stat damage.

The Elyd Edge is about to become a high Chr persons weapon of choice. Strength or Charisma for to-hit and damage as well as a high damage proc is great. Do you see that it beats dr of many a raid bosses? Bards will love it as now even more as it will speed up the let me sing these songs by making many of them mass songs.

But really all the items that got a once over are great. The Crown was an item I always passed over before being weak Sr, a bonus to Ac and a few more mark uses a day. It does have a colorless and a yellow slot however, but still… But now, a useful SR, as well as a possible 45 extra hp if you also have a mark or 3…

You can read the rest of the changes yourself but it is always night to see unloved items get a little power boost for a little more loven.

Cannith Crafting and Bugs

So I have been a fan of the new crafting system for a while now. I have made a lot of little quality of life items. Invulnerability armors at level 1. Vamp (lesser) weapons at level 5. Some catch all tools for oozes, ghosts and dr/silver mobs. And some super specializes tools, tailored down to one quest in the game even. Looking at you Running with the Devils!

So last night Java crossed into level 5 (almost 6 by loging time) and I started the gear upgrade. Got my VoM and Mantle out, the lvl 5 Blademark’s Docent and 3 parts of the Abishai set. Gloves, cloak, helm if you were wondering. Would also do the bracers but didn’t have one in the bank at that moment. And the boot slot is still needed for the anger set, +2 to hit after all. Note to self think about picking up a Morleth’s Docent for be buff use….

Anyway, I took out the Greatsword item (med guild slot) I had set aside to craft (lesser) vamp on and ran to the crafting hall after stopping to add the force damage ritual to it. Added a lesser vamp shard, wonderful level 5 weapon. Hit the guild vendors and bought 4-5 +3 to hit gems. So I had a +3 to hit greatsword of lesser Vamp and +1 force damage. Nothing overly broken. Just a good survivor set up. It plus the Blademark’s Docent gives me good healing against trash with out having to drink pots or spend time to cast a 10-15 point med cure spell. And will help get me ready for the Vampiric Fury Blade waiting for me at level 12.

Forward momentum is a good thing when soloing.

And it rocked, I went through WW on elite solo in about 20 mins with out having to stop to heal.

Oh also I took an old shard of power and made it a trinket with 33% lighting absorption. Makes those lighting bolts a lot easer to take.

I recall out of WW4 and get stuck in a loading screen. Well I have a 10% xp pot ticking, and it has been a while since I have restarted my client. Guess now is as good as time as any to do so.

Get back in and my weapon is now level 7….:(

I know there is a bug where guild slots are bugging out the crafting stuff but I was able to use it until the client restarted. Blast it.

Well back to my level 2 bta +1 holy/icy burst great sword. Speaking of the ice games kinda looking forward to them, pulled a +1 pure good great sword(bta lvl 1) last night. Adding icy burst to it will make a killer twink item. Not that icy burst /holy at level 2 isn’t groovy too but if I had a better level one item I might start banking xp a little sooner….

A Tale of Two Vons (Epic)

Over the weekend, Samius did a many ah epic runs including an epic Von6, and two Von1s. The raid went smooth. But the Von1s….

So the first Von 1, was Fopo, Oncler, myself and some puggers (wait I think Miss was there also). Everything was going smoothly, considering some of us started before the everyone was in. And a number of D doors were cast to regroup. Mainly some people wanted to invis past things others want to kill everything. I think we ended up invising most of the way.

The Healer shrines, along with the melee and the other caster. I am still sitting at 1300 sp + full clickies so I am good. We go and kill the kobolds, and the cows. I dd back to shrine. I am the only one to save the shrine so I am moving as fast as I can, invis-ed of course. But the alert starts to grow, green, yellow, orange. And I ask WTF?

And I notice that the healer as ddoored also to shrine. I asked if I was wrong about him already have shrined? And he said, something along the lines of: I assumed you did also so you must know your way to another shine. /facepalm

I inform him I did not need to shrine and tell him to keep moving in to the arena. And I try to shrine. But the 6 trolls following him break off once he is out of reach and come to see me in the shrine. Ding!

And they camp out.

So I rez and run them out of the shrine area and DING!. But they are fair enough away now to rez and shrine up. While I am doing that the clr gets killed in the arena. But fully Sp up again I rez the clr and we move along. Red skulled and all. 😉 And Skunked. Well at least I was, think Miss got a seal he wanted.

Von 1 group 2. Tobril, Fopo and I + 3 puggers. Smooth up to and including the kobolds and cows. I go back to shrine. But no one is ready for the other kobolds to come to life and ding ding ding. I hear a lot of get on the same one. But I guess 2 of our puggers didn’t speak English. Also they released and dropped group, boy! With the clr also empty. Fopo decides to get his FvS to help finish it up. And I talk the wife into raiding the chest as we are all but the end fight away from done.

It is fairly straight forward spell dps, melee dps beat down also but Fopos fvs runs out of sp with all the quicken, mass heals to heal Tobril’s barb vs the single target heal. But as the wife also grabbed one of her clrs healing is in no short supply. Well with scrolls anyway.

Speaking of the wife, she gets the only seal, a SoS. She asked me if I want it. After some debate between her and I we decide it would be best to let Tobril have it if he doesn’t have one. As he is running the raid a lot more then I am. And he ends up with the seal (1 of 4 parts for him 🙂 ).

We ran a lot more epics that night. Including BoB and TTT, most of the fins and I want to say something else but I am drawing a blank… we get 4-5 scroll drops. Most are junk to so so. Tobril gets a bracer of the claw scroll. But I did end up with a the last peace I needed for the epic Blademark’s Docent so it was a good night for me as well.