Another “Final” Build

First of all sorry for missing yesterday’s post, i do try and hit on Mondays but i was overly busy dealing with real life. Again sorry.

As for DDo land think i just about have Samius in place for an attempt at a “final” life for a while. I am on my last ranger life so i now have all of the extra damage with ranged past live free feats, unless you at talking sneak attack damage then 2 more rogue lives wouldn’t be out of the question. Anyway the plan at the moment is to go shurikens (or some other ranged) full time, aka PewPewPew!

And that is about all i got. 🙂

Well not all, i know i am looking at 12/6/2 monk/ranger/rog or arty. Samius is always a halflinglike race so i think i might be returning to the skinny version.  Man i just would really like it if they had beards or any manly facial hair really. Oh well… Will have to deal with a massive dex instead.

Guess i need to pull up the planer and get to work i have like a level and some change until i have this last life wrapped unless i really want those last 2 damage from sneak attacks……