Damn My Broken Headset!

Disclaimer: This story is from my POV and I am if it seems as if I am laying any blame at anyone’s feet I am not. The only blame is on my damn mics crapping out on me!

This weekend the HoDW and DG got our shit together and ran some raids, namely Web and FoT. I say that because we the DG have a returning guildie (Bennie) that has never ran these raids before and he has a limited play schedule due to a new baby.  So getting everyone’s timing sorted can be a bit of a pain.  But we did and they are fairly smooth runs.

Lets roll back some for this all to make since. I have a Bluetooth headset. I forget the model now but I am sure I talked about it when I got it. It was fairly solid but has some usability issues. Like I had to remember to have it on when starting DDo or the game didn’t know about it. And it also didn’t handle normal wear and tear very well. So now it won’t even turn on. So the last week or two I have been using my standing mic and speakers. Meaning I have been trying to keep my chatter down as to not cause any undue feed back. But I think that my standing mic as been having issues for a while now also as I have been using it for New DDo Cocktail Hour shows and there has been a buzz for a while now. Well yesterday I guess they were just getting buzzing and no Samius so I was mic less. Or I should say I was trying to pass messages via text chats and the wife.

Okay fast forward to raid formation, Bennie asks about changing his build to a centered wrap/caster/healbot, while we pug out the last few slots. Think we have 8 or 9 people so a mostly guild run but not all.  (Yes I think of HoDW as guild even though they still want to hang onto their guild name….) We pick up a few channel people and we go on eHard web. Like I said the run was fairly smooth and we get to the chests. After 7 runs I would really like a comm or two and there are a few weapons that I would like to get but I have seen like 5 weapons in all those runs.

I start to look chests and 3rd or 4th chest Antipode…  Shit. Takes me like 6 secs to check the guild list for builds that might need the web wraps and Bennie is the only one. Pass. No questions no issues. And I loot the rest of my crap and get ready to move on. Have the wife pass the message that I left the wraps to Bennie and to be sure that he gets them.

Then the wife says Bennie pulled a Pinion! Aka one of the reasons I run the raid and my head goes time for some quid pro quo. Bennie asks in Teamspeak if anyone wants it and gets about 5 replies including the wife wanting it for herself!

I do my best to type out that I could use it in guild chat but you know how guild can get lost if you have loot turned on. Before long Bennie says roll for it. And guild starts to roll. Then the puggers ask what is for roll and after some discussion the roll was opened up to everyone. And in normal fashion a pugger won the roll and got the bow….  Which is fine and not the point.

Think had my voice been on Bennie and I would have had that quid pro quo moment and I would have gotten that bow. But having to try and talk through someone else that also wanted the thing and my poor typing basically took what was a clear trade and made it a loss.

Yes, I ordered a new mic about 4 hours after that raid should be here tomorrow if not later today.


PreDdo 4th ToDo Project

So looks like my FB links are shitty. Will move them to G+ later and get them relinked.



Moving some weight from rain barrel to rain barrel.

Step 12 of 10000?

Do you see it yet?

Done. 250 + 55 + 55 + 55 gals of water.

34 and Still Playing Games

Well some of you have found out or remembered or got a social media notice that today is my birthday. I want to thank you all for the well wishes.

I have taken a half day and work and I am about to rock some Ddo until it cools off a little then dinner with the wife and some work in the garden and then back to Ddo to round out my day.

Good times are about to be had.


Why Can’t I Make my Living Playing DDo?

This last few weeks at work have been killer, fires to put out, trying to be avable to answer questions for the new guy and not to go in to many details my company is starting to make some leaps I have been working towards for a while now but didn’t have the resources to knock out. Hell last night I work up at least 4 times due to catching myself dreaming about work issues, aka unacceptable.

I miss the days of coming home and logging on and being wrapped up in DDo until right before bed. Last night Tobril and I talked shopped while doing Rusted Blade spams. It was very strange, not that we have talked about work issues before but mostly those things were coding issues or personal issues that could be solved or vented about and leaving the conversation at least feeling better and not struggling just as much with those issues hours later….

You know I have/had more passion for DDo then any job I ever had. I never did a 0 profit anything for a work project because I just loved my job. But I have done lots of DDo related things just for the love of the game.

So in a world where there are professional StarCraft players, why can’t I rock some DDo for real life loots?

It is just not right I tell you.

And yes I could play DDo for 40 hours a week with that same love as I do now. Mostly because I am near 40s a week anyway I think…. 20ish hour weekends + 1 to 4 hour nights weeknights….