Picking a the Right Ring

Why is it that the Tod Rings really don’t work for the class they are named for? Or maybe I am the only one that thinks so.

Tonight I have a Tod or two planed. At least one with Butterz and she is ringless. So is Samiusjr my 20 monk, who I would also like to ring up…. But lets talk about Butter and her rings.

There are 13 different Tod Rings. Each has a +6 modifier (str/dex/wis/int/chr) and a +1 exceptional bonus. With the exception of the wild mage ring which has an +1 exceptional bonus but to a randomly picked stat. Each ring is paired with a necklace or belt to form a set. Ideally each set has ties to a class/PRe combo. Some sets have bonuses just for wearing the set, others also require having a pre, others still have both non pre bonuses and pre bonus.

When choosing a ring or rings I look at all the different bits of having the ring and try to find one that matters so me.

Butterz is a bard, there are 3 bard rings all of them are very similar, and if every bard item didn’t come with +6 chr one of them would be very appealing. But as it is my BARD CLOAK is +6 chr +15 perform and my bard sword is +7 chr I don’t really need a +6 chr ring. They each have a component necklace to complete the set, and they are all the same. Superior Potency VI, Wizardry VI. Yep 3 different named items with the same powers. Boring.

Their set bonuses are not any better, 2 extra songs or 1 extra song and and extend spell costs 2 sp less or 1 extra song, extend spell costs 1 sp less and maximize spell cost 4 less. Oh boy. The exceptional +1s are to dex, dex or str. Well at least +1 to str can be helpful. And I guess if I wanting to use a different cloak my catch all chr item for weapon swaps one of the bard rings would be okay, but I am never going to want one of these set bonuses enough to wear one of these necklaces.

So lets jump to what I am looking for in a ring. +1 exceptional Chr. There are 5. 2 clr rings both are +6 wis and their set is for turning undead. And all of the Paladin rings also have exceptional chr and are +6 str the only set that is kinda helpful is the knight of the chalice, and that is 22 SR. I said kinda helpful.

If I look at the set bonuses for goodies, there is the
Occult Slayer: +2 Exceptional Bonus to Will saves, +2 Exceptional Bonus to Reflex saves, Spell Resistance (22)
Ravager: more damage.. but the most wanted set???
Kensai: +2 Exceptional Melee To-Hit, +3 Confirm Criticals
Shintao: +2 Exceptional Bonus to To-Hit and Damage., aka the othe most wanted ring.
Tempest and Deepwood Sniper: both have good sets but are nasty items.
Assassin: +2 to hit and +5 damage sneak attacks, I really like this one. But what am I getting over a pair of the cove gloves?
Mechanic: +2 Exceptional Bonus to all Dexterity based Skills, This is also helpful my traping skills can take any help they can get. But I am at 58ish once I make a +5-6 shroud items for skills how needed is it.

So I am going to say, What the !@#$. Guess I will look for any of the Pally rings and or the Kensai/Shintao rings. But if I get the Shintao ring I will need to wear the set most of the time or get shot from most of the player base. 🙂

Challenge Crafting also known as Herding Cats

With the realization that the challenges are stupid amounts of xp depending on the number of stars you earn and the sudden desire to craft a flaming cloak. Cloak of Flame? What ever. When free time happens Fopo and I have been in the challenges.

Some of them we are getting down with the two of us. The kobold mining quests aren’t too bad, we might have 5 stared one of the ones in the extraplanar palace. I know we 3 and 4 stared a lot of the ones there.

But we are having issues in Kobold Island. We got 3 stars it and still only got 5 sticks or whatever that challenge gives. Not really sure what to do about it other then get the TR Train all together and run it. I don’t need tons, just 400 for now.

But I want to say the xp is great. Think we did one that took 10 mins and got 12k. I know there was another one we ran that was longer but was still about 1k a min xp wise.

Taking a look at the different turn ins. There is a ton of good items. The belt is a no brainier. The Cloak I talk about yesterday. Ring of the Stalker, and Bracers of Wind both have a place and the Mournlode weapons make some great undead killers. But mainly if you look into the turn ins. 300 of the “epic” bits turn in for and epic token. I think a good group could make 300 or more “epic” bits a run on some of them.

Epic Tuesday went fairly well even though we started later then normal. We did Wda what is becoming our warm up epic. 37 mins. Not bad time. If I can get into some Lobs and make Butterz an +10 stunning shield and make her a epic Spare hand her stunning DC will matter, at least on casters and what not. And getting our Assassin’s DC a bit higher wouldn’t hurt either.

Our normal fast DQ turned up a Green blade but took about 20 mins all together.

Popping over to Esnitch for the shot at an Axe seal got us a Utility Vest seal which went to the rouge. But the Epary crashers after that got me a much needed seal for a upcoming Shimmering Pendant. Just need a scroll now I think.

Alrighty, back to work.